1000lb Sisters Amy leans on sister Tammy as shes left hopeless after divorce

1000lb Sister star Amy has turned to her sibling Tammy after she was left in "distress" and heartbroken over her marriage breakdown to ex-husband Michael Halterman.

With the new season gearing up to kick off on December 12, a trailer for the show has been doing the rounds and poor Amy seemed to have reached "breaking point" prior to her divorce with Michael. In the snippet she is visibly emotional and tearful as she tells Tammy: "I just wanna be happy."

Body language expert Judi James told The Mirror that the segment would appear to showcase Tammy offering up some "tough love" to her sister. Judi expects that the tides are about to change with a role reversal for the sisters ahead.

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Judi predicts that Tammy will now step up and take on the nurturing big sister role. In support of Amy who is obviously at rock bottom right now.

Speaking with The Mirror, the expert gave further insight into the clip, explaining: "This trailer suggests it's going to be Tammy getting asked to offer advice and support rather than Amy, who has often seemed like the more dominant presence when Tammy has been through her own struggles with her weight."

The trailer detailed Tammy issuing her sister a harsh warning as she tells Amy: "I really don't see him changing."Addressing Tammy's response to Amy's outburst, Judi added: "Tammy's response to what looks very much like a cry for help and comfort looks more logical and advice or warning-based than tactile and emotional."

She is hugging the baby but this could also look like a signal of more practical help. She does present as a safe space for Amy to break down in but she sounds and looks more like the deliverer of tough love when she tells Amy she doesn't really see Michael changing," added the expert.

Judi also couldn't detect any signs of "empathy" from Tammy as she delivered the hard-cutting message. However, she did wonder if Amy could possibly end up "drawing down" on her sibling in a more maternal capacity.

The expert added: "There's no visible signs of empathy here but Tammy's maternal role-play might help create a look of strength than Amy can draw from." In February, Amy and Michael confirmed they were parting ways not long after they welcomed their second son together. It was alleged that Amy had fled the marital home in Kentucky with their children.

On September 6, the couple finalised their divorce. The ex-married couple now co-parent their two children together after Michael filed for dissolution of marriage on March 13.

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