Amanda Owen gets paid a lot for Our Yorkshire Farm

Amanda Owen attends Raven's graduation

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Along with their nine “free-range” children, Amanda Owen runs the stunning Ravenseat Farm in the heart of Yorkshire, tending to the gardens and its livestock. The docu-series Our Yorkshire Farm captures the everyday celebrations and struggles that the Owens go through at home.

Amanda Owen, who is better known as the Yorkshire Shepherdess, is a 47-year-old model-turned farmer and star of Our Yorkshire Farm.

She was born in Huddersfield but decided to leave her previous glamourous lifestyle for a life of driving tractors and milking cows.

Amanda met Clive, nearly 20 years her senior, at Ravenseat Farm in 1996.

Five years after their first encounter, the couple tied the knot and have since grown their family with a whopping nine children who all help out around the farm.

They made the difficult decision to separate earlier this year. 

How much do Amanda and Clive Owen get paid for Our Yorkshire Farm?

It is believed that Amanda and Clive were earning around £250,000 annually thanks to starring in Our Yorkshire Farm.

This also includes their other TV appearances, Instagram deals and various books that Amanda has written.

She has been able to build their brand using social media and now has around 418,000 followers on Instagram.

Amanda has also released several best-selling books since the show began, such as The Yorkshire Shepherd and The Adventures of the Yorkshire Shepherdess.

While Our Yorkshire Farm is an entertainment show, the struggles of farm life are very real and portrayed in every episode.

When she isn’t talking to the cameras, Amanda is tending to the 2,000-acre farmland as well as the 1,000 sheep and other animals the Owens look after.

Not everything goes according to plan though, not even for the shepherdess who has decades’ worth of experience on the land.

She recently explained on Twitter how her sons managed to save the day.

On social media, one fan commented that they never saw pictures of Amanda’s three sons Reuben, Miles and Sidney.

In response, Amanda shared a few photographs where they assisted after her truck broke down on the farm.

Replying to the tweet, Amanda wrote: “The lads turn out when I’ve messed up mechanically.

“If bogged, broken down or stranded then they’re there.”

Amanda reportedly won’t be appearing in Clive Owen’s new Channel 5 series called Beyond The Yorkshire Farm: Rueben and Clive.

Instead, the farmer will star along with his eldest son Rueben.

The new series, which will hit screens in December, is being made by the same production company as Our Yorkshire Farm.

It will follow Clive and his son as they travel beyond Ravenseat to launch their own digging business.

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