Amelia loses it when Mandy destroys her gift to jailed dad Dan in Emmerdale

Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) struggled with her emotions in the aftermath of Dan’s (Liam Fox) exit in Emmerdale.

Dan was sentenced to 8 years behind bars in last night’s (August 17) episode of the ITV soap. He was charged with manslaughter following Lloyd’s death, which only occurred as a result of Dan punching him.

Amelia was aware that Dan would spend time in prison but secretly hoped that it wouldn’t be for that long. She told herself that she’d be on her own for the best part of a year, and would then welcome Dan back to the Dales.

Sadly, that won’t be the case.

In typical Amelia fashion, she was determined to be strong and independent on Day 1 without Dan. She headed to work at the salon and told Mandy (Lisa Riley) that she needs more bookings to pay the rent, but the arrival of Claudette (Flo Wilson) saw the teen dash out.

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As Claudette and Mandy squared up to each other, Claudette said that she wants to help Amelia, but things won’t get any easier until she actually accepts the help and support from other people.

When Amelia returned home, she found Claudette and Mandy in the kitchen. Mandy was cleaning and Claudette was cooking, they both really wanted to make things better for Amelia, but it just made her feel smothered.

As things escalated, a mishap from Mandy saw Dan’s Best Dad Ever mug fall and smash to the floor.

Amelia was devastated and said that she’s going out, wanting Mandy and Claudette gone by the time she gets back.

In the church, Amelia received guidance from Charles (Kevin Mathurin). He calmly told Amelia that she’s bound to find things difficult and until Dan returns home, the villagers fully intend to be there for her and Esther.

They hugged as Amelia cried, daunted by the fact her life has now completely changed.

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