Antiques Road Trip expert gasps 'I need to sit down' as auction takes jaw-dropping turn

ANTIQUES Road Trip expert Charles Hanson gasped "I need to sit down" after he secured an enormous profit at auction.

Charles and Raj Bisram toured around Wales in a recent episode of Antiques Road Trip as they hoped to find interesting items they could turn a profit on at auction.

As Charles delved into the back of an antiques shop, he uncovered a silver tea set – and it later turned out to be a huge haul.

The owner of the shop asked for £10 for the set of three items and Charles replied: “I won’t negotiate. That’s a good price.”

However, he soon revealed there was more to the tea set: “You’ve also got… it’s not a loving cup, because it's got two handles, this is a sugar bowl.

“It matches the teapot because you’ve got the angular handles like that, very aesthetic. This is, I think around 1875, 1880."

Later on in the episode, Charles regrouped with Raj and insisted he was keen to see how the tea set did at auction.

“This I hope is a big find. There might be tremors across Wales when the gavel falls,” Charles enthused.

He was soon proved right when the auctioneer started the bidding at £120, with Charles exclaiming: “Yes, we’ve got it! Yes!”

As the bids came flooding in and quickly reached £160, Charles excitedly said: “Good lad, good lad.”

“Wow. Spot on,” Raj remarked, clearly impressed by his co-star’s success.

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The tea set eventually sold for a total of £260, with Raj congratulating Charles on the impressive £250 profit he had secured.

Watching the excitement unfold, Antiques Road Trip narrator Tim Wonnacott confessed: “I think I need to sit down. That is outstanding.”

Antiques Road Trip airs weekdays at 4:30pm on BBC One.

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