Antiques Roadshow guests jaw drop as expert exposes value of ‘£40 costume ring’

Two Antiques Roadshow guests were floored when they found out the value of a light-weight "costume jewellery" actually worth thousands of pounds.

The two young women brought three items to Wollaton Hall in Nottingham, where the BBC show had experts tasked to value all sorts of rare goods.

Expert John Benjamin spotted two novetly items, which were both handed down through generations.

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One of them is a gold pen fashioned as an ice pick and the other one, a fly-and-flower pin set with several gemstones.

But John was interested in the elongated oval-shaped ring with a large green rock set around with 16 more smaller sparklers.

"My mum was given it as a birthday present from our great-great-aunt. She was gifted it as costume jewellery," the guest said.

And John asked: "Right, so that's a costume ring. I want you to put it on, do you think it's costume jewellery?"

The young woman was convinced that it's a costume ring because it "doesn't have a lot of weight in it".

The expert then revealed: "So you think it's costume jewellery, inconsequential – £30, £40…it's an emerald!

"It is a splendid Colombian emerald from South America, surrounded by old Victorian white, brilliant-cut diamonds, mounted up in 18-carat gold, made in around 1875 to 1880."

She gasped and struggled to get words out of her mouth.

John continued and told her that the two novelty items could fetch up to £3,500 in total.

"Your costume ring, your inconsequential piece of glass jewellery, I don't know… £4,000?" he added.

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"So you've actually got a total value of something like £7,000 to £10,000."

The guests thanked John and said: "That's a lot more than I was expecting.

"I'm going to tell granny now, she will be eating her words."


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