BBC Breakfast host hides face over awkward interaction with co-star

Jon And Sally Discuss How Eating Eggs Makes Men Less Angry

BBC Breakfast’s Sally Nugent and Jon Kay selected a few of the day’s news segments to discuss, but Sally ended up offending her co-star which led to an awkward conversation.

“Eating eggs, particularly for men, can make you less angry,” Sally read from a segment in one newspaper.

“What?” Jon jokingly shouted as his colleague continued: “Jon is never angry never ever, ever.”

“That’s because I eat loads of eggs,” Jon replied.

Sally continued to read: “The body uses a compound inside the eggs to make serotonin – of course – the chemical that makes us all feel happy. You’re happy every day, you must eat a lot of scrambled eggs on your way to work.”

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Continuing with the article, Sally stated: “They studied 168 men from 35 to 55 who’d been referred for aggression counseling by work.

“Their diets were compared to those colleagues who had not been referred.”

Looking up from the article to stare at Jon, she added: “The more aggressive men were found to be fatter and heavier…”

“Sorry – you looked at me then!” Jon cut in before Sally responded: “No… I didn’t know where to look at all!”

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As she hid her face from Jon, she went on: “If you have more protein, particularly from eggs, it makes you happier.”

Sally laughed as she concluded the report and Jon awkwardly suggested: “Right, I think we’ll leave that there.”

Jon soon had his co-star giggling again after he stumbled through his own news article.

“A family who run a cafe in Kent are selling up – they’ve got 8,500 teapots to get rid of so it’s another breakfast theme.

“They’ve got a Churchill one, they’ve got a Del Boy one.”

Jon struggled with a tongue-twister as he tried to read: “They’ve got a R2-D2 teapot.”

“That’s difficult to say,” Sally chuckled and she continued to laugh as Jon carried on with the report.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays from 6am on BBC One.

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