Big Brother fans fume as Yinrun breaks down over being ‘left out’ by housemates

Big Brother star Yinrun Huang broke viewers' hearts as she broke down in tears on Thursday night's episode.

The 25 year old was extremely emotional as she opened up about feeling left out by some of her fellow housemates.

Speaking to Big Brother in the Diary Room, Yinrun said: "I feel isolated. I feel it's very hard for me to join certain dialogues. These kind of moments are the moments I feel, 'what's wrong with me? Why would I be someone who is less interesting to talk to?'

"Every time I feel this I would feel very hurt. I feel left out. Sorry, Big Brother," she said, before covering her face with her hands as she sobbed.

Speaking to Trish about how she felt, Yinrun said: "It's not a nice feeling when you talk to someone and they just walk away. It's happening every day.

"I'm making the effort. I'm trying to find something in common… I don't like them."

Fans were fuming at the thought of Yinrun, who is a favourite among viewers at home, being ignored by anyone, as they branded her "the people's princess".

One person said: "If only Yinrun knew how much everyone loves her."

Another person wrote: "Aww I just want to give Yinrun a hug, she’s my favourite. I’d 100% be her friend if I was there."

A third person said: "How dare anyone ignore Yinrun do they not realise she is guaranteed top 3? Can’t make that woman feel left out"

"Yinrun girl don’t cry the whole of the uk rooting for you," one person penned.

Someone said:"Awww, Yinrun, don't cry. We love you!"

Another viewer wrote: "Yinrun there is nothing wrong with you! We love you out here! The peoples princess !! #bbuk #BigBrotherUK she needs to win or Jordan."

Elsewhere in the episode, Hallie and Olivia faced their punishment after the first rule break of the series.

The pair were caught talking about nominations – which is completely forbidden in the house.

Housemates were told: "This is Big Brother. Before you entered the house, the Big Brother rules were explained to you. The rules state that you may not attempt to communicate in code or write in messages. Yesterday this rule was broken by Hallie and Olivia.”

Big Brother then revealed: “Olivia, you said to Hallie, ‘write me secret messages on my back’.”

As a result, they were forced to change into orange jumpsuits and spend two hours in small prison cells in the garden – in the pouring rain.

Big Brother continues on Thursday on ITV2 and ITVX at 9pm

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