Call the Midwife fans concerns Nurse Cranes leaving show after teaser

Laura Main teasing Tom Cruise appearance in Call the Midwife

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Call the Midwife fans have been left fearing one of the BBC One drama’s most iconic characters, Nurse Phyllis Crane (played by Linda Bassett), could be leaving the show. Their concerns were sparked after a teaser trailer for next week’s episode suggested her days might be numbered.

Call the Midwife aired the third instalment of its new series on Sunday evening, which came three weeks on from its festive special.

Millions tuned into the latest episode after last week’s instalment brought an unexpected appearance from former EastEnders star James Alexandrou.

At the core of episode three was a heartbreaking storyline about a woman who was beaten and raped by her husband at a time when it was not considered a crime.

“Shockingly, the crime of rape within a marriage did not exist in English law until the 1990s and was first laid out explicitly under the Sexual Offences Act 2003,” Call the Midwife tweeted for context.

The woman, named Mrs Talbot, fled her home in the middle of the night and went to the police station with Sister Veronica (Rebecca Gethings) to report the crime.

But the officer told the victim the authorities were legally unable to do anything as they were married.

He commented: “It’s not possible under English law for a man to rape his wife, the offence does not exist.”

A livid Mrs Talbot replied: “The blood on the sheets exists, my bruises exist. Do you need me to show you?”

Nurse Crane was also a key focus during the harrowing episode as she offered a young mother support and looked out for her colleague Lucille Anderson (Leonie Elliott).

After being at the centre of such a dramatic episode, viewers were left concerned about the character’s future after a trailer had been released for next week’s show.

Within the clip, Nurse Crane received a letter to say she has been summoned and is left worrying she will be forced to retire from Nonnatus House.

She was given the letter after the new Chairman of the Board of Health visited the building.

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Nurse Crane exclaims after reading the letter: “What if they tell me I’ve got to give up working?”

BBC viewers flocked to Twitter to voice their concern about the beloved character’s future.

Alion Begas penned: “Nurse Phyllis Crane could run the country. This country. Any country. She is b****y marvellous, a bundle of compassion and common sense and a big heart. #CallTheMidwife.”

Kerry Cahill shared: “Call the Midwife is the best TV show ever – touching, heartwarming and educational. The rape storyline tonight made me so angry (I don’t think the law changed until the early 1990s regarding marital rape either). And Nurse Crane is the best human in the world, isn’t she?” (sic)

Sarah Louise said: “Please #CallTheMidwife never ever let Nurse Crane go.”

PJ added: “Nurse Crane must be protected at all costs. #nationaltreasure #CallTheMidwife.”

Rabia commented: “That was tough to watch @CallTheMidwife1. An exceptional episode! A difficult episode with sensitive storylines. I love seeing Nurse Crane taking care of everyone #CallTheMidwife.”

Annette Hill remarked: “Nurse Crane. One of the kindest and most wonderful female characters on TV #CallTheMidwife.”

Call the Midwife continues on Sunday at 8pm on BBC One.

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