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CELEBRITY SAS fans were left in floods of tears as Pete Wicks made an emotional confession about his "lonely" life.

The Channel 4 series returned last night with 14 famous recruits leaving their glamorous lives behind to be put through the most gruelling stages of the special forces selection process.

Towie star Pete, 33, was left at breaking point after taking part in a brutal boxing challenge against female contestant Jennifer Ellison, 39.

After the task, Chief Instructor, Rudy Reyes and his team of Directing Staff (DS), Foxy (Jason Fox), Billy (Mark Billingham) and Remi Adeleke – decided to grill Pete about his celebrity lifestyle.

They asked if it was his worst "nightmare" having to open up, as the Essex Lothario replied: "I don't like talking about me…

"I've spent most of my life single. Pretty much all my life so I haven't been particularly good when it comes to relationships.


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"I ain't very good with commitment and I ain't very good with getting close to people. I don't really do that sort of stuff. I ain't very good with emotion stuff, really."

Pete then spoke about his parents divorcing when he was aged 11 and how his life spiralled out of control.

"Family originally from London, moved out to Essex, mum and dad divorced at 11. My dad… I didn't really see much of him after that, he sort of left the country and worked away quite a bit," he said.

"Then I just started work pretty much at 16 and I got myself into quite a bad rut in the city.

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"I was out every night but it was all about making money so I thought that's what kind of bought happiness but it don't

"Then you sort of develop a persona, I think, which is what I think most people know me as now, which is like a party boy, I smoke, I drink, I done that all the time.

"I smoke far too much, I drink far too much. I haven't been to a f**king gym in seven years!

"Even being here for a day or so, it's been a wakeup call for the fact of how much I've abused my body, I think."

The team then asked if he's created an image for himself with the "tattoos" and "drinking".

The tattooed star admitted: "I think this whole persona thing and being a certain way is because I've got a fear of people leaving or hurting me because I don't know how I'd deal with it.

"So if you don't give people yourself then they don't f**king leave you and they don't hurt you. So then you're just: 'I'm fine, I'm always fine'."

The team suggested his past has left him an "emotional wreck".

Pete said: "I'm angry, all the time. I don't want to be the person that I believe I am.

"There is a reason I am here now, I genuinely believe that and I just think I've wasted so much of my life being a selfish p***k, basically, and I don't want to be that no more.

"I want to be someone that people are proud of."

Pete later told the camera "I don't have a particularly good view of myself, if I'm honest with you, I don't think I've been a particularly nice person sometimes and I don't think I've dealt with things particularly well.

"I spent most of my life surrounded by people and I spend most of my life out doing things but I've got quite a lonely life, I think, if I don't sort that out then I will forever just be on my own."

Viewers were heartbroken for the reality star, with one writing: "Arwww Pete #SASWhoDaresWins" with heart emojis.

Another posted: "No, YOU'RE crying over Pete Wicks! I’m definitely not… #SASWhoDaresWins."

A third emotional fan added: "Oh Pete! #SASWhoDaresWins #CelebritySASWhoDaresWins @P_Wicks01" with crying emojis.

It comes after Pete was left completely distraught after he was forced to hit a woman in a boxing challenge.

Pete accidentally struck her in the back of the head before she fell to the ground.

The ex Brookside actress, who wore protective headgear, was shaken and she burst into tears with Pete also breaking down.

He explained how at first he refused to take part in the challenge and raised his concerns with chief instructor Rudy Reyes.

He said: “I got quite upset about it because I really didn’t want to do it.

"We had just done a run through the desert. I spoke to Rudy about it and he said look you have to do it or we'll beast everyone… just get her out quick.

“There are lots of reasons why I don’t like that sort of thing. But Rudy explained to me some of the things he’s done in a real life situation and it’s never something you’re going to enjoy doing but it’s part and parcel of what it is.”

Pete continued: “I do 100% regret that. I felt f***ing awful because that’s just not me. If it had been one of the boys it would have been different, but I think Jen of all people – I really loved Jen – and it was not nice to be put in that position.”

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Pete found fame on The Only Way is Essex, but has since appeared in a long string of reality TV shows. 

He’s currently filming for Celebs Go Dating for a third consecutive series as he continues to look for a fairytale romance.

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