Coronation Street fans baffled by ‘obvious blunder’ as Ryan lashes out at Carla
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    Coronation Street fans called have out an obvious TV ‘blunder’ after Ryan Connor (played by Ryan Prescott) lashed out at her cousin Carla over his online snaps.

    During Friday’s visit (August 25) to the ITV cobbles, fans caught up with the former barman as he continues to share racy pictures on the adult-based subscription site O-Vidz.

    Having turned his hand to social media, Ryan decided it was time to share an image of his healing scars online much to the surprise of Carla and the factory girls.

    However, Beth Tinker soon spotted a negative comment on his post which sent him into a downwards spiral.

    In an attempt to show how proud she was, Carla gushed: "I thought it was great that you were posting pictures of your whole arm.

    "You can just delete the comment, don't delete the picture you look great Ryan. Everybody in the factory said it was a nice picture."

    It was at this point that Ryan fumed: "What are they all thinking, that I'm a freak? You don't get it, nobody gets it.

    "This is all your fault this, you and all that factory lot. You make me sick, judging everyone with your opinions."

    It was at this point that Peter walked in and threw Ryan up against the wall as he begged him to calm down.

    Fans struggled to watch as Ryan stormed out of the building while Peter unpacked his drawers and threw his clothes into a bag, insisting that he move out.

    But one thing that left viewers scratching their heads was the fact that Peter somehow missed the hunks draw full of steroids and needles while he was rummaging through his things.

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