Coronation Street fans heartbroken for Tyrone after dead mum bombshell

Coronation Street favourite Tyrone Dobbs was given the shock of his life on Wednesday night's visit to the ITV soap, 16 August, when he came face to face with his mother, after believing she had died years ago.

The popular mechanic had always been lead to believe his mum had died when he was still a child after she had struggled with substance abuse, something his grandmother Evelyn Plummer had always reiterated.

However this appeared to be far from the truth, when his mum Cassie blurted out that she was his mother, after running into him at the Little Big Shots show being held at the Bistro.

Unwilling to believe the bold declaration, a shocked Tyrone insisted that she was lying as his mother was dead, and looked to Evelyn for support, only to realise from her expression that she had been lying to him all along.

As Tyrone raced off in shock, Evelyn took a moment to chastise her daughter as she branded Cassie “cruel” for the way she had revealed the news.

Apologising as best she could, Evelyn soon left to head back to number 9 to discuss the devastating revelation with her grandson, only to be confronted by Tyrone demanding answers from his nan as to why she had lied to him for so many years.

Explaining her reasons for keeping Cassie from him, Evelyn explained that Cassie had been a habitual drug user both during and before her pregnancy, something which lead her to believe Tyrone would be better without her.

Wounded and hurt by all Evelyn had to say, the angry dad ordered her to leave the house and when left alone he descended into tears after being clearly overwhelmed by the lies and deceit.

Fans at home couldn’t help but feel Tyrone’s pain, with several taking to social media to share their sympathies with him over the awful situation.

One fan wrote: “You're the cruel one Evelyn. Addict or not everyone including your daughter has a right to make their own choices and have respect and boundaries.”

A second then added: “Tyrone the professional victim, forgetting all the lies he’s told. Why doesn’t he let Ruby spend time with her mother then?”

Before a third commented: "I get Tyrone is angry but Evelyn was trying to protect him”

While a fourth weighed in: "Evelyn completely controlling and manipulative. She wasn't protecting Tyrone, she just wanted to use the lie as leverage against her daughter."

And a fifth commented: “Cassie has finally dropped the bombshell how you gonna get out of this one Evelyn.”

Several other fans also echoed similar sentiments as they were left heartbroken for the struggling dad after being hit with such life altering information.

With Tyrone’s relationship with Evelyn, a source of stability in his life now in tatters, will he be able to reconcile with his gran, and finally meet his mother? Or is this the end for the happy family?

Coronation Street continues Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm on ITV and ITVX

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