Coronation Street viewers plead bosses to change Sally Metcalfe storyl

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Over the past few months, viewers of the ITV show have watched Sally Metcalfe (played by Sally Dynevor) and her husband Tim (Joe Duttine) struggle with their relationship. As Tim has confided in friend Aggie Bailey (Lorna Laidlaw) the duo have grown closer. As people suspect Tim and Aggie’s friendship will develop into something more, viewers are begging bosses not to let this happen.

Earlier this year, Tim confided in Aggie over his fear of dying following his triple-heart bypass which resulted in him developing impotence.

With this putting a huge strain on his marriage with Sally, the duo have been trying to work through their issues, which unbeknownst to her is partially due to Aggie’s advice.

In scenes last week, the duo celebrated their wedding anniversary which didn’t go off to the best start as Tim decided to prank his wife to make her believe he had forgotten.

Although this quickly backfired when she stormed out of the house after ripping up their card.

Confessing it was all one big joke, he gifted her with a beautiful necklace, which Aggie was on hand to help pick out.

To thank his friend for her assistance, Tim decided to give Aggie a necklace of her own which resulted in her having to lie to her own husband about where it had come from.

Watching the duo get close and having to keep secrets from their significant partners has sparked concerns among fans who think an affair is on the horizon.

After the scenes unfolded, viewers quickly took to Twitter to plead with bosses that a cheating scandal doesn’t happen

Kez said: “I hope Tim and Aggie don’t have an affair. Please no.”

Bobby Dazzler added: “I really hope the writers don’t have Tim & Aggie an affair. Sally & Tim are great together.”

Michelle Jones commented: “Aggie lying about the necklace Tim gave her. Please writers let them not have an affair.”

“I really hope Tim and Aggie aren’t going to go down the road of an affair. It’s a lovely friendship and doesn’t need to be anything more than that,” added Victoria Murray.

Jake swiped: “If the writers make Tim and Aggie have an affair I will be so angry, just let them be friends looking out for each other.”

With Chantelle saying: “I really love the friendship that Aggie Bailey & Tim Metcalfe have! Let’s hope its kept that way and corrie doesn’t turn it into an affair!”

Although it looks as though Sally is about to uncover her husband’s close friendship with Aggie in episodes set to air this week.

After they find their romantic spark in the bedroom after months of struggling, Sally and Tim head to the Bistro to celebrate their anniversary when they spot Ed and Aggie.

As Ed asks the couple to join their table, the four sit down to enjoy some food as Sally admires Aggie’s necklace that her husband bought for her.

Watching them both in a flirtatious mood after their intimate time together earlier that evening, Aggie is left puzzled which doesn’t go amiss with Tim.

Spotting her confusion he decides to give her a message, although in a huge blunder he accidentally sends it to his wife which could lead to some awkward explanations at the dinner table.

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV

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