Corrie killer Richard Hillman set to ‘return from dead’ after 20 years, says AI

Coronation Street icon Richard Hillman could be making a shock return to the famous cobbles, according to AI.

The serial killer, played by Brian Capron, has often been declared as the most hated soap villain of all time.

Award-winning actor Brian played the role from 2001 to 2003 and is known for attempting to take the lives of the entire Platt family.

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During his evil reign of terror, the infamous serial slaughtered his wife Patricia Hillman and Maxine Peacock before confessing his crimes to Gail.

And who could forget the iconic, albeit terrifying, scene where Richard drove the family into the canal – but he was the only one who met his watery end.

But now, in a shocking twist, it’s been claimed Richard could be making an appearance on the famous cobbles once more.

With EastEnders’ Cindy Beale ‘returning from the dead’ in recent episodes over on BBC One, the same could also be said for Corrie baddie Richard.

Now, Daily Star has quizzed one of the world’s most popular artificially intelligent “creative” tools Bard AI, to see if Richard could be back on the iconic northern soap.

“Soap operas are known for bringing back dead characters, and Richard Hillman is a popular and iconic character. If he were to return, it would likely be in a flashback or dream sequence,” the system claimed.

Bard AI then went on to say there are a “few reasons” as to why Richard could be back on the cobbles.

“First, he is still a major part of the show's history. His story was one of the most dramatic and shocking in the show's history, and he is still remembered by many fans.

“Second, his return could be used to tie up some loose ends from his storyline. Third, his return could be used to create new drama for the show. For example, he could come back to haunt Gail Platt, the woman he tried to kill.”

Ultimately, whether or not Richard Hillman returns to Coronation Street is up to the show's writers. However, if they do decide to bring him back, it would be a major event that would be sure to generate a lot of excitement among fans.

Bard AI also claimed Richard’s return could be used to “explore the themes of mental health and redemption.”

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It explained: “He was a complex character who was driven to violence by his own demons. His return could be a way to show that even the most evil people can be capable of change.”

Still, the AI program claimed there are some reasons why the character might not return to Corrie.

“His death was a major turning point in the show's history. Bringing him back could be seen as undoing that event.”

The system added: “It could also be difficult to find a way to bring him back that would be believable.”

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