Corrie star reveals Henry's true intentions as he targets the Rovers and Gemma

Henry Newton (George Banks) is back on Coronation Street after five years away, and he may prove to be Jenny Connor’s (Sally Ann Matthews) saving grace amid her battle to save the Rovers.

But are his intentions genuine, and what exactly does he have in mind for ex-girlfriend Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell)?

With the Rovers in danger of closing down, selling it back to the brewery was Jenny’s only hope, so when Henry gently broke it to her that, after looking at the accounts, they weren’t going to buy, she was left frantic.

Despite Henry’s history of committing fraud against Jenny, actor George Banks reveals that this time his intentions are genuine.

‘He came close to being the landlord during his last time in the street. I think the Rovers for him, as well as for many of Corrie’s viewers, holds a special place in his heart. He has a lot of fond memories, he enjoys going to a place that his granddad Cecil loved as well.

‘And actually, I think there’s a fondness for his granddad and the Rovers too, It has some really powerful memories for him and I don’t think he had realised that until now. It’s a place that he holds quite dear.

‘So yeah, I think he is genuinely interested in trying to help, I’m not sure he is thinking about the business side and his heart is ruling his head a bit.’

While everyone rallies round to save their beloved local following the heartbreaking news, George Shuttleworth (Tony Maudsley) suggests that Gemma use her history with Henry to convince him to change his mind.

Later, when Gemma arrives at the hotel for what she thinks is a discussion about a cider promotion, Henry reveals that he simply wanted to spend some time with her, with George confirming that he still has romantic feelings for her.

‘I do think for him there is that sort of romantic aspect to it. When you meet an old flame you can’t help but be reminded of the times you had together and for him they were good times before it all went wrong and that was his fault.

‘I do think it runs deeper with them as well. I think she makes him feel alive. She makes him feel comfortable being who he is and that’s not something that he’s not felt like anybody else.

‘To have somebody remind you that you can be fun and you can be nice and you can lift them up when they’re down. It’s quite intoxicating for him.

‘Those feelings do start to resurface. But whether or not he chooses to do anything about it is something that will come out as the storyline develops.’

What Henry doesn’t know is that Gemma is actually married now with quads, but has chosen to keep this information from him.

‘I think basically, as the time goes by, he is realising that these feelings are reemerging and developing because he doesn’t know the situation with Gemma and that she is married.

‘He’s quite keen to express himself so he goes for quite a romantic gesture. It’s quite intense for Gemma because she doesn’t want to jeopardise the future of the pub and him buying it. But they’re not quite seeing eye to eye.

‘The tables are tuned a bit, this time it is Gemma who isn’t being entirely honest and is using him to a degree and he is unaware of that. The truth is being hidden from him. And he’s made the choice to put his feelings out there and sort of see if she is giving anything back. He thinks he’s proved himself and sort of redeemed himself.’

It isn’t long before Chesney catches wind of their meeting and heads over to the hotel.

Back at home, Gemma insists that she was just trying to save the Rovers, but how will Chesney react?

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