Did Abbott Elementary Go There Too Soon With That [Spoiler]?

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Wednesday’s Abbott Elementary. Proceed at your own risk!

Abbott Elementary on Wednesday took a big step forward with the will-they-or-won’t-they sexual tension between Janine and Gregory.

The episode began innocently enough, with Janine psyched for the Pennsylvania Educational Conference, while Gregory was planning to take his girlfriend Amber away for a romantic weekend of constant activities to make up for his Valentine’s Day gift blunder. Needless to say, Amber was as enthused about Gregory’s jampacked getaway schedule as she was about the LEGO flowers.

After getting dumped, Gregory found himself at the conference, where Janine set out to distract him from his breakup with the day’s many planned panels and activities, aka Gregory idea of unwinding. And what’s a work conference without a mixer flowing with free booze? So Janine and Gregory got a bit tipsy, and he began to lament the fact that he is the one who’s always getting dumped. Janine reassured Gregory that there’s nothing wrong with him and that he deserves someone who appreciates him for the weirdo he is. Gregory, in turn, replied that people shouldn’t sleep on Janine either.

A photo booth session followed, complete with silly props, after which the pair broke into a stunning exhibit featuring a classroom made entirely out of flowers. When they heard someone approaching, Janine and Gregory crouched to hide amongst the lush vegetation. Then Gregory leaned in and planted a kiss on his fellow teacher, and Janine was definitely into it judging by the way she pulled on his lanyard to bring him back in for another kiss.

But as soon as they pulled apart, realization dawned on both of them and things got awkward real fast. “That was a whoops,” Janine told the camera crew. “We got caught up in the moment.”

“That’s what she said?” Gregory asked the documentary team, before agreeing with Janine’s assessment of the heated smooch. Back at school, the pair agreed to “throw it out” because it was nothing.

But you can’t take back a kiss, especially one the series has been building toward — and perhaps delivered a little too soon? While there’s no need to drag things out too long between Janine and Gregory, it still feels like we’re in the yearning phase of this relationship. After all, this is only the middle of Season 2, and we’re still getting to know the characters, individually and within their relationships, and have barely seen them date other people on screen. Plus, Gregory and Amber just broke up, and as Janine pointed out, she’s dating Maurice. And some more loaded moments between Janine and Gregory before their first kiss would have been the delicious kind of torture.

Abbott Elementary fans, what did you think of the timing of Janine and Gregory’s liplock? Hit the comments!

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