EastEnders fans ‘work out’ Sharon Watt’s new groom after Keanu split

EastEnders airs special flashforward scene for Christmas 2023

EastEnders’ Keanu Taylor (played by Danny Walters) decided to end his engagement with Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) and viewers have been speculating who she will marry instead.

The long-running character was seen in the flash forward episode, which aired earlier this year, wearing a wedding dress at Christmas.

Despite no longer being with Keanu, it appears as though her nuptials still go ahead, with viewers rushing to Twitter to share who they believe will be her groom at the end of the year.

@tweekersbaby commented: “Look, Sharon is Phil’s soulmate and match – simple. My girl has him in the palm of her hand and Phil knows it and loves it. The sooner she dashes that toyboy Keanu and he dashes Kat the MiniCab Queen – the better. Fish & Chips, Bread & Butter , Phil & Sharon.”

@josephfelldown added: “This Keanu and Sharon s**t is so forced. If it’s all just leading to a Sharon and Phil reunion, then the writers really do hate Sharon.”

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@sleepyjudith said: “@bbceastenders #EastEnders starting to hope its Keanu who gets killed off at Christmas. Total throw-away character and boring storylines. Also leaves Sharon open for a reunion with Phil which we all want!”

@ElleB2022 added: “I hope Sharon doesn’t marry Keanu and sees him for the idiot that he is.”

Although there were some fans who didn’t want to see the past couple reunite as @BovaryCee fumed: “Please tell me you’re not going to put Sharon back w/Phil and Kat back w/Alfie bc of his impending health scare/illness. [sic] I think Kat has brought out the best in Phil (he definitely smiles more). I hope #EastEnders doesn’t do this.”

With @RyanTheSoapking adding: “I don’t want Sharon to get back with Phil – they are poisonous together and he is bad for her. I worry that Keanu might be the body at Xmas but I really hope not. I really hope it’s Theo. Nish is too obvious.”

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Keanu decided to call it a day on their relationship after learning Sharon had lied to him about Lisa Fowler (Lucy Benjamin).

Lisa had to flee the country with Keanu’s daughter Peggy, although it was only possible with the help of Sharon.

Realising his fiance had betrayed him, he decided to spend some time apart before returning their home this week.

Pleased, Sharon said: “I was beginning to get worried, Albie was asking for you at bath time. I’m not very good at pirate ships apparently.

“Right, I’ll make a start on dinner, just go give him a kiss.”

Clear that Keanu wasn’t over the deceit, she vowed to make things up to him, although it was apparent the damage was too far gone.

He told her: “I don’t think you can. I can still see Albie. I mean, you’ll never take him away from me,” as he admitted this had to be the end of their relationship.

Is this the end of Sharon and Keanu for good? Or could the duo make amends in time for the wedding later this year.

EastEnders continues Monday-Thursday on BBC One from 7:30pm

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