EastEnders fans wowed as Jade Goodys son is identical to dad and makes debut

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EastEnders viewers were left pleasantly surprised on Tuesday evening as Bobby Jack Brazier made his debut on the BBC show.

The son of late Jade Goody and actor Jeff Brazier left an excellent impression on viewers as many were quick to compliment his acting skills as he appeared on the long running soap.

Playing the role of Freddie Slater, some viewers also noticed how similar he looked to his Postcode Lottery father Jeff.

Jumping onto Twitter, spectators were happy to share their thoughts on the young chap and his first appearance on the popular BBC drama.

One fan penned: "Oh wow bobby Brazier can act really well ngl, looks promising."

Another chimed: "Looks like his dad, sounds like his dad…all he needs now is a stint on the Postcode Lottery and he’s got the trifactor!"

A third said: "Bobby is such the spit of his dad @JeffBrazier Jade would be so proud proud of you."

Meanwhile a fourth added: "Great couple of episodes of #EastEnders the show has really turned a corner under it's new showrunner Chris Clenshaw & Bobby Brazier for his debut episode tonight as Freddie Slater I was very impressed! Jade Goody would be proud."

Although Bobby's character Freddie belongs to the Slater family, on Tuesday night's episode he dropped a major bombshell by telling Billy Mitchell that he is also his son.

Although he may not be related to Billy biologically, Freddie's mum, Little Mo was once married to Billy for a short period of time.

After her turbulent and abusive marriage to Trevor, Mo finally found love with Billy and appeared to be happy.

However things turned sour once again when Queen Vic punter Graham Foster raped her in the pub, resulting in her becoming pregnant with Freddie.

After realising what had happened, Billy was unsure as to why his wife wanted to keep the baby but said the child shouldn't be blamed for the tragic incident that took place.

After leaving the square for quite some time when Little Mo returned for Graham's trial, she had given birth to baby Freddie.

Little Mo and Bill tried to work on their marriage but Billy found it hard to accept Freddie.

But will Billy be able to put his worries aside this time around?

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