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OVER 40 years of romance and backstabbing have taken place on The Young And The Restless.

Throughout the show's history, several characters have come and gone on Y&R, but fans are curious to know who's staying and who's leaving after season 49 reaches its conclusion.

Who's returning to The Young And The Restless?

Returning Y&R castmates include:

Diane Jenkins

Diane Jenkins made her return to The Young And The Restless after she was believed to be murdered by Nikki Newman in 2011.

In April 2022, Diane's re-emergence in Genoa City was met with a mixed reception among the characters – they thought she was dead.

Since she returned, it was revealed that she was the one who was texting Jack Abbott.

Years ago, Diane and Jack were romantically involved and got in contact again after she informed him of his son Keemo's death and the existence of his granddaughter.

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She has been portrayed by Susan Walters since 2001 and was previously portrayed by Alex Donnelly and Maura West.

Jack Abbott

Debuting on the show in 1980, businessman Jack Abbott is among the characters coming back after season 49.

Jack, played by Peter Bergman, is the head of the Abbott family who is constantly feuding with the Newman family.

During the 49th season, he finds out about the death of his son Keemo due to anonymous text messages from a then-unknown person.

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The source was revealed to be Diane, who blindsided Jack and other Genoa City residents with her return.

Prior to Peter Bergman taking on the role of Jack, he was played by Terry Lester and Graham Taylor.

Victor Newman

Speaking of Jack's neverending rivalry with the Newmans, patriarch Victor Newman is returning for the next edition of The Young And The Restless.

First introduced to audiences in 1980, Victor is played by Eric Braeden.

Victor is married to Nikki Newman and they are considered the Y&R's power couple.

The longtime couple are the parents of Victoria and Nicholas, and the grandparents of Summer, Cassie, and Faith Newman.

Outside of his marriage, the patriarch is also the father to two additional children – Abby and Adam.

Victoria Newman

Victor's daughter, Victoria, has been the center of numerous controversial Y&R storylines.

Her timeline on the show consists of shocking arrests, family feuds, and narrow escapes from death.

As the season went on, fans got the chance to see her marriage to Ashland Locke unfold.

Victoria uncovered a major bombshell about her husband's deception regarding his cancer diagnosis, he revealed he was lying about his cancer illness for much of their marriage.

Despite the turmoil surrounding their union, Ashland still managed to save Victoria from meeting her end in a fatal car crash.

However, their marriage wasn't meant to last and she broke it off with him several episodes later.

Victoria is portrayed by Emmy-winning actress Amelia Heinle.

Crystal Porter

In July 2017, Crystal Porter was introduced to the residents of Genoa City, Wisconsin.

Portrayed by Morgan Obenreder, Crystal's storyline on the program was full of drug-addicted parents, sex trafficking, and murder.

Following her years-long absence from Y&R, Crystal came back to Genoa City.

On the May 16, 2022, broadcast, she reunited with the rest of the characters just in time for her older sister Tessa's wedding to longtime girlfriend Mariah.

Summer Newman

Reappearing after season 49 is Summer Newman, granddaughter of Victor Newman and wife of Kyle Abbott.

Although she's returning for next season, viewers will see her a bit differently.

While fans are used to seeing Summer portrayed by Hunter King, Hunter was replaced by Allison Lanier.

The change of actresses took effect starting with the May 17, 2022 episode.

Gloria Simmons

Gloria Simmons, played by Judith Chapman, makes her big return to season 49 at a time when her daughter-in-law Chloe and Chelsea need her.

As Chelsea becomes consumed by Rey's death and Chloe struggles with her missing best friend, Gloria swoops in to tell them to pull it together.

Gloria's last appearance on the show was in the January 10 episode, and while she has returned, it is rumored to only be temporary.

Who is leaving Y&R?

Rey Rosales

In 2018, Rey Rosales joined the Abbotts, the Newmans, and the rest of the characters on The Young And The Restless.

Rey, played by Jordi Vilasuso, came to Genoa City to investigate the death of Victoria Newman's late husband JT Hellstrom.

While getting close to Victoria's former sister-in-law Sharon, he solved the mystery of JT's murderer – which happened to be Newman family matriarch Nikki.

He kept Nikki's secret and tied the knot with Sharon.

However, fans saw Rey meet his demise after a deadly auto collision with Victoria.

Rey's actor Jordi Vilasuso confirmed the character would not be returning after season 49.

Ashland Locke

Besides his bombshell cancer lie that rocked the show, Ashland Locke was concealing his real identity throughout a notable duration of season 49.

Ashland's real name is Bobby DeFranco, he stole his identity from his friend after the real Bobby died in a car crash.

The shocking reveal came courtesy of his brother-in-law, Nick Newman.

In the season's past episodes, viewers got the chance to see Ashland – or Bobby – figure out his marriage to Victoria.

During the Monday, July 25 broadcast, Ashland met his end after a confrontation at Victoria's residence.

While the former and the latter were in the midst of a quarrel, Victoria's brother Nick assaulted and killed Ashland.

The character will not be brought back for season 50 of Y&R.

Previously brought to screens by Richard Burgi, Guiding Light actor Robert Newman is responsible for Ashland's portrayal.

Who is joining the 50th season of Y&R?

Trevor St John in a mystery role

On August 2, 2022, it was revealed that One Life to Live alum Trevor St John began filming for the Fall season of The Young and The Restless.

St John's role in the soap has not been disclosed, but fans are eager to find out what happens when he joins the residents of Genoa City.

Talia Morgan

On Wednesday, August 17, a new resident began leading an investigative report into Ashland's death.

Reporter Talia Morgan is portrayed by real-life journalist and anchor Natalie Morales.

Famous for her seat on The Talk, as well as The Today Show and Dateline NBC, Natalie takes on Talia's portrayal.

Talia seeks to uncover details regarding Ashland's sudden passing, which leads her to Diane Jenkins.

Due to her friction with Diane, she teams up with Nikki Newman and Phyllis Summers.

Fans are eager to see how Diane's conflict with Talia, Nikki, and Phyllis plays out.

Adam Schwartz as Lucas, Adam Newman's secret ally

On Wednesday, August 24, Gossip Girl actor and Guiding Light alum Adam Schwartz made his entrance in Genoa City.

On Y&R, he plays Adam Newman's mysterious accomplice in whatever he has up his sleeve.

Viewers will have to stay tuned in to figure out Adam's plan and how it involves Lucas.

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