EastEnders Lola to die on wedding day as mum returns in bitter custody feud

Jay Brown surprises Lola Pierce in EastEnders tonight (January 11), as he tells her that their wedding will take place in two weeks time.

The couple recently became engaged following a sweet proposal in a snow covered Albert Square, as they make memories together following Lola's heartbreaking cancer diagnosis.

However, following the proposal, fans have taken to social media to discuss what could happen in upcoming episodes – and have predicted wedding heartbreak for the couple.

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With the return of Lola's estranged mum on the horizon too, could there also be a bitter custody feud on it's way?

Here, Daily Star takes a look at some of the theories surrounding Lola Pierce.

Lola seeks out her mum

EastEnders fans were delighted when BBC bosses recently announced that Emmerdale star and Hollywood actress Patsy Kensit would be stepping onto the square as Lola's estranged mum.

While her entrance storyline is shrouded in mystery, fans suspect that her arrival may not be at random – and instead Lola has sought her out as closure following her terminal cancer diagnosis.

They have also predicted that following the recent Keeble storyline and Ben's brushes with the law, Lola may be seeking out her mother to provide more stability to her and daughter Lexi.

One fan said: "It looks like Lola goes to look for her to get closure. It doesn't seem like she comes to town."

"Lola is well aware of The Mitchells issues with crime and the danger they get into. I think this could make her try to find her mum to give her more family beyond Ben and Billy," added a second.

However, viewers already know that their meeting may not go well at first, particularly as Lola has had no contact with her mother since she was a child.

They added: "I don't think Lola will be happy about seeing her at first, given it's been so many years since they last got in contact."

Bitter custody feud

When Lola's mum does arrive on the square, fans have predicted that a bitter custody battle might follow for Lola's daughter Lexi.

If Lola wants more stability for Lexi, this might prompt her estranged mum to fight for custody in the future, with one fan saying: "I bet there will be a cliché story of her deciding in her grief that she can raise Lexi as a second chance and she'll try and fight Ben for custody."

"I wonder if what's happening with Tommy and Kate being kidnapped will reflect on who Lola chooses for Lexi's main guardian," agreed a second.

A third added: "Once her mum comes back, she might want her as an extra guardian beyond Jay, Billy and Ben."

Fans also think that Lola's mum may be here to stay too, further indicating that she could fight for custody of Lexi, with a fourth suggesting: "I can see her sticking around longer than this storyline. She's too big to just have around for a short term storyline."

However other viewers are not so sure, and are convinced that Billy and Jay will become joint guardians of Lexi instead.

"I like Billy and Lola's father / daughter like relationship," said one fan, while a second agreed: "If anyone is going to get Lexi, it more than likely will be a combination of Billy, Jay and Honey."

However, the viewer also suggested another dramatic theory regarding a potential custody battle – that Phil Mitchell becomes Lexi's guardian.

"Ben's name isn't on the birth certificate is it? But here's a thought: Phil had full custody when Lexi was born. Could that play into how it turns out?" they added.

Wedding day heartbreak

Lola Pierce told her family over Christmas that her cancer diagnosis was terminal, with the Albert Square resident making as many memories as she can with her loved ones.

This includes marrying the love of her life Jay, who proposed to her in a sweet snow-covered moment in recent episodes.

However, EastEnders viewers have predicted heartbreak for the couple after they suggested that Lola could die on her wedding day.

"Imagine if Lola dies on her wedding day," said one fan, while a second suggested: "Lola to unfortunately die just after her wedding reception."

"I'm hoping Lola and Jay move up the wedding date so that it happens soon. It would be heartbreaking if she died on her wedding night," begged a third.

A fourth added: "I have a horrible feeling that Lola might die at the end of her wedding day, just like Lisa did in Emmerdale."

Meanwhile, another fan suggested that Lola's final moments will be with Jay, with a fifth saying: "She dies in Jay's arms either on Arthur's Bench in the middle of the square, or Jase's bench."

Jay addiction battle

Viewers have grown concerned for Lola's husband to be Jay, and his future when Lola dies in the soap.

Taking to a fan forum, they have suggested that Jay could potential face an addiction battle as he struggles to cope with the death of Lola.

One fan said: ""When Lola dies, Jay should spiral into some kind of addiction storyline."

Another fan agreed saying, "It could even be similar to Corrie after David lost Kylie."

Viewers also predict that the soap will follow multiple characters as they struggle to cope with Lola's death, including Lexi's father Ben.

"Ben will want to focus on Lola and Lexi, and Phil will want to focus on Ben and how he'll cope as a single dad in case he goes off the rails," commented a third fan.

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