EastEnders star Danny Dyer ‘made bad decisions’ as he addresses exit

Eastenders Christmas spoilers: Shirley rumbles Janine

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Danny Dyer first joined EastEnders back in 2013 as Mick Carter alongside Kellie Bright who stars as Linda Carter and Danny’s on-screen son Johnny (Sam Strike). Reflecting on his time on the BBC Soap, Danny opened up to Express.co.uk and other press about his impending exit and feeling lucky that former executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins took a chance on him. 

The Queen Vic landlord admitted he didn’t think he’d last as long as he has on EastEnders. 

“I didn’t think I’d last nine years,” Danny said. “When I came into it I was a f****g car crash. 

“I can’t believe I was giving a shot, my career was on its ass.  

“I’ve said this before I was going to nightclubs waving off of balconies saying hello to people to pay my mortgage.”

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“I’d made a lot of bad decisions. I was in a bad place,” he continued.

“Dominic Treadwell Collins took a risk on me and Kellie, Kellie’s a bit more well behaved than me.

“We came in it together and we were obviously on trial as a new family to take over the Vic. 

“We just got our heads down and we loved it. We loved the material. We love the characters.”

When Mick, Linda and Johnny first came into Walford they took over the pub.

Over the years, the Carters have remained at the heart of Walford with the exception of a few fleeting storylines which saw either Mick, Linda or the pair of them leave The Vic.

Meanwhile, Danny opened up on the inspiration behind Mick and Linda.

He shared: “Credit to Dominic Treadwell Collins again for being brave enough to put us together and rolling the dice. 

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“We’re basically playing his mum and dad is what we were doing. 

“He got it right, he pulled out about it, he trusted us and he let us roll with it.”

Elsewhere, EastEnders spoilers confirm “all hell breaks loose” on Christmas Day for the Carters. 

Fans have been desperate for Mick to realise Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) has been lying to him for months. 

Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) is determined to get her son to see the truth but will she succeed?

EastEnders confirmed Mick’s exit earlier this year and Janine will also be departing after her recent stint in Walford. 

Will Mick and Janine go off into the sunset together or will Linda find a way to reconnect with her ex-husband? 

EastEnders airs on BBC One from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm.

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