Emmerdale Belle fate sealed as fans predict Tom murder horror after abuse twist

Emmerdale fans have been gripped to their screens over the past few weeks after Lydia Dingle was raped by her evil ex, Craig Reed.

However, the fan-favourite soon got justice when he was found dead in a field on Home Farm just weeks later. Following the news of his death, the auburn beauty united the Dingle Court to find out who killed him.

It turns out Craig wasn’t the only person who was attacked that night as each resident opened up about some of their dark secrets which unfolded in the 24-hours leading up to his death. In a series of flashbacks, Belle Dingle revealed that the hunk had popped the question to her during a romantic meal.

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But things soon went from bad to worse when the blonde bombshell rejected his hand in marriage. The pair soon engaged in a fierce row, with Tom King eventually hitting Belle across the face with such force that she fell to the ground and hit her head on the coffee table.

Her devastated boyfriend immediately jumped to her aid and profusely apologised for his actions by wiping away the blood on her forehead and covering it up with a plaster. Belle later forgave Tom and told the family that she rejected his proposal because it “wasn’t the right time” but that the pair were still together.

As the pair awkwardly move on from the terrifying event, Daily Star has quizzed one of the world’s most popular artificially intelligent ‘creative’ tools, Bard AI, to work out if the couple will stay together. When asked if they could break up after the assault, the intelligent program confirmed: “Yes, it is possible that Belle and Tom could split after he hit her when she rejected his proposal.

“Tom’s behaviour was violent and unacceptable, and it is understandable if Belle feels that she cannot be in a relationship with someone who has hurt her. She may also be worried about her safety, and she may not want to be in a relationship with someone who she feels could hurt her again.”

However, the AI system went on to point out that Belle is quick to forgive Tom for his bad behaviour like she has done in the past. It argued: “In the past Belle has forgiven Tom for his mistakes, even when they have been serious.

“For example, she forgave him after he cheated on her with Kerry Wyatt. This suggests that she may be willing to forgive him for hitting her, as long as he shows remorse and changes his behaviour.”

It comes after Tom’s mother Colleen died off-screen last month and the hunk has been acting strangely ever since. He initially kept the news of her passing to himself, but when it became common knowledge, the grieving son started to lash out at his girlfriend for her continued support.

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Things only went from bad to worse in the build-up to her funeral, with the hunk hitting Belle after she rejected his proposal. After the dramatic scenes hit the airwaves, fans flooded to the social media site X – formerly known as Twitter – to share their concerns for her online.

One user penned: “I’m starting to wonder if Tom murdered his mum” as another agreed: “Tom murdered his mum maybe? Belle watch out you’re in trouble!” A third echoed: “Tom has definitely murdered his mum … why else would he be so shifty? Or maybe the lad who beat him up??”

Fans will have to stay tuned to see if the couple will make things work or if Belle will find the courage to call it quits and move on from Tom.

Emmerdale airs weeknight at 7.30pm on ITV1 or catch -up on ITVX.

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