Emmerdale exit ‘sealed’ for fan-favourite as viewers say ‘nothing left for her’
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    Emmerdale fans are sure that one fan-favourite character's exit has been "sealed" through the current storyline, as there is "nothing left for her" in the ITV village. During Wednesday's episode (October 4), Chas Dingle was plenty busy organising a date with new villain 'Simon', AKA Harry, but fans think it's the end of the line.

    Since splitting up with Paddy after a cheating scandal, Chas has been moping around the Woolpack – and with her daughter Eve moving in with Paddy and Mandy, she's been left even more listless.

    Now viewers are certain it's the end of the line for Chas, and fretting that there are simply no storylines left for her to act out. Taking to X – formerly known as Twitter – one viewer penned: "It's time Chas left the village for good. Nothing left for this character. It's the same old storyline for her all the time. It's tedious!"

    Somebody else then moaned: "Can we delete Chas from Emmerdale?" as a third fan wrote: "Prefer Emmerdale back in 2009-2013/14 and prefer Chas as she was back then!"

    Chas has been involved in numerous cheating storylines over the years, including a savage face-off with her niece Debbie after they fell for the same bloke. Now she's been left fighting for a relationship with her daughter as Mandy was forced to insist "I'm not her mum."

    Spoilers, meanwhile, have confirmed that Chas is in fact in imminent danger from her new beau – meaning she could be killed off the show. The baddie, who previously beat Caleb to within an inch of his life, is back on the scene, and Chas oblivious to the danger she faces.

    But next week, Cain and Caleb rush to help get her away, realising they’re too late and Chas has already headed out with ‘Simon’. Harry later shows his true colours and loses it with Chas, allowing her to finally realise just how much danger she’s actually in.

    Matty Barton star Ash Palmisciano has confessed that all of the Dingles will be affected by the storyline, teasing to press: “All I can say is there is something that is happening that we don't know about yet, but it's gonna affect all of the Dingles so there is a lot to come out.”

    Viewers are already predicting a dark twist in store for Chas, with one writing on social media: "WTF is Harry playing at with Chas?" Somebody else agreed: "No Chas steer clear! #Emmerdale."

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