Emmerdale fans cant believe unrealistic plot as Nicola King announces huge stars for fair

Emmerdale viewers were left completely stunned when village councillor and general busybody Nicola King (played by Nicola Wheeler) announced she'd managed to book Olympic ice skaters and TV stars Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean for the Christmas fair.

This week, which saw an important icon, Zak Dingle star Steve Halliwell, sadly die, has also seen many of the villagers band together to organise a wonderfully festive market complete with local suppliers providing food, drink and lots of traditional Dales entertainment.

But after an excited Tom did his best to surprise girlfriend Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) with a special ice rink in honour of her childhood, things went wrong with the plans.

The character thought he'd managed to wrangle a full-fledged rink, that would be set up and manned by staff in the centre of the village. As a result, he bought Belle her very own set of ice skates for her birthday.

Unfortunately, the character made a mess of the booking, as the cost was actually £65,000, rather than £6,500.

Forced to tell Nicola that the ice rink would have to be cancelled, she became immediately panicked and spilled the beans about her special addition.

"No you can't," she squealed. "I've booked Torvill and Dean!"

The local mum then warned Belle and Tom that something would have to be done because having them come to the village without an ice rink would be like having "Ant without Dec" or "Jack without a beanstalk".

While the villages scramble to find a way to fix the entire mess, viewers were utterly gobsmacked by the writers' assumption that Nicola would somehow have the funds and means to get such in-demand sports stars to come to Yorkshire.

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, one person posted: "As if Torvill and Dean would even remotely entertain the idea of visiting this backwater commune #Emmerdale"

"Nicola’s booked Torvill and Dean, I’m sorry what? #Emmerdale," another baffled viewer wondered.

A third person laughed: "No way has she booked Torvil & Dean… #emmerdale"

While a fourth posted: "Nicola: 'Torvill and Dean without an ice rink is like Jack without a beanstalk, or Ant without Dec!' #Emmerdale"

"There is no way Nicola has got Torvill and Dean how unrealistic #emmerdale?!" a fifth added.

Elsewhere, things were getting more serious for Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) as she continues to trust her dad, the scary ex-convict Damon Harris (Robert Beck).

Damon promised his daughter that he would "sort" everything in her ongoing troubles with ex Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb), prompting some fans to believe that he will kidnap and hurt Reuben's dad.

While Chloe sobbed over her situation, Damon seemed to take advantage and took her phone away as the episode came to an end, prompting fears that he's isolating her from sister Amy Wyatt too (Natalie Ann Jamieson).

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