Emmerdale fans issue warning to Belle and fear for her amid Tom relationship

Emmerdale fans have issued a warning to Belle Dingle as they believe she could be in for trouble with her boyfriend, Tom King.

During Friday night's episode (29 September), viewers watched as Tom tried to convince Belle to finally move in with him, following his brief quarrel with Vicar Charles. Belle wasn't sold on the idea and spoke to Chas about her worries and concerns.

Chas offered some reassuring words and encouraged Belle to go with her heart. While Belle eventually decided to move in with Tom, fans are convinced trouble will follow and took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to express their concerns.

One viewer said: "Belle listen to your gut and run a mile."

A second commented: "I think Belle will move in with Tom and he will start gaslighting and abusing her emotionally."

"I have a feeling that Tom might start to emotionally abuse Belle?", a third noted.

One concerned fan said: "Don't do it, Belle. Don't think Tom is quite what he seems."

While another said: "I can’t put my finger on it but there’s something very off with Tom…"

"Tom signing a lease to pressure Belle and then when she’s still like nope, all the sudden ahh my head I was attacked! blatant manipulation", noted one viewer.

It comes after Tom was assaulted by Charles on Thursday after he tried to help the Vicar, but instead was pushed aggressively onto the bar counter. Tom was shocked by the encounter but seemed to take it in his stride.

But it didn't go unmissed by other villages who were left unimpressed by Charles and his erratic behaviour. Belle even suggested that Tom should call the police and report the incident.

While some viewers were in agreement with Belle, others grew increasingly frustrated as they claimed the altercation did Tom no real harm. Airing their thoughts on X, fans labelled the situation "a little over the top".

One wrote: "Not Tom making out that Charles is some sort of Villain."

A second commented: "Charles attacking Tom was seriously out of order but Belle asking Tom if he'd called the police is a lil OTT. Especially when almost if not all members of the Dingle clan have unjustifiably clouted someone."

While another viewer said: "Not Tom making out that Charles is some sort of Villain."

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