Emmerdale Gabby ‘long-lost brother’ exposed as fans twig Nicky’s ‘real identity’

Emmerdale fans reckon they have worked out why newcomer Nicky was so quick to reject Gabby Thomas’ advances.

Gabby and Nicky have been growing closer over the past few weeks after he was hired to look after the kids at Home Farm, and with Gabby serious about moving on in her career and after her romance with Jamie Tate, sparks were flying.

But Nicky pushed her away afterwards, telling her he wants to keep a professional distance between the two.

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Now fans think there’s a wholly different reason for Nicky’s reluctance when it comes to starting something romantic, as Gabby is actually his sister.

Eagle-eyed viewers think Nicky could be Gabby’s long-lost brother after her dad Ashley was stalked by someone else’s wife while still married to Laurel.

Taking to Facebook, one user theorised: “Years ago, when Ashley first started showing signs of Alzheimer’s, there was a woman (the wife of another vicar) who was stalking him.

“If I remember correctly, she got him into bed, then not long after disappeared. Could this be her and Ashley’s son, come to find his sister Gabby?”

Another fan quickly chimed in: “Could be right… hence why he pushed her away!”

While one Twitter user echoed: “Saw a post earlier this week that Gabby could be Nicky's long lost sister in Emmerdale. If Ashley had a kid before he married Laurel I feel like it's a good theory…”

Another user, however, pointed out that the timelines don’t quite add up – so any lost siblings for Gabby would have had to have been born before Ashley came into the village.

They wrote: “Just been checking up, it happened in 2010 so unless he is a very mature looking 12 year old…”

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That’s not to say, however, that Nicky couldn’t have been the result of a flame between Ashley and a previous lover.

Some fans think there could be a whole other reason for Nicky’s rejection, as they have him down as Jamie Tate’s secret lover.

Sensing Nicky could have been sent to wreak havoc at his old home by Jamie, one fan theorised: “I think Nicky is working for Jamie Tate and could be Jamie Tate's secret lover? I think he's gay… wait and see first."

“I wonder if Jamie is secretly gay and is having an affair with Nicky?” someone else pondered, as a third fan said: “Judging by that knock back, Nicky is working for Jamie or he’s gay or he’s already in a relationship.”

‘Good theory, I did wonder if he was gay,” someone else agreed.


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