Emmerdale Mackenzie’s fate ‘sealed’ as fans predict affair exposed at Christmas
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    Emmerdale fans predict Mackenzie Boyd’s fate is ‘sealed’ after Chloe Harris learnt she is pregnant with his baby.

    Viewers will remember that Mack has been harbouring a secret from his partner Charity, after he had an affair with the auburn beauty when the loveable Scott was grieving a pregnancy loss earlier this autumn.

    But things took a turn for the worse earlier this week when the gorgeous teen discovered she was pregnant after she went to the hospital for her three-month scan.

    While the youngster was panicking about whether or not to keep the baby, Mackenzie took his relationship with Charity to the next level after he got down on one knee and popped the question to his new fiancée.

    After watching the dramatic scenes unfold on screen, fans soon flooded to Twitter to share their predictions for the Christmas Day special set to take place at the end of the year.

    One user penned: “lmao Mack about to propose innit hahahahahaha well that’s xmas sorted! Watch on xmas day Charity’ll find out and somehow Chloe will be living there – 20-1 odds # emmerdale.”

    Another added: “I hope Mackenzie & Charity don’t split up, I really like them together #Emmerdale.”

    A third chimed in with: “Oh god Mack asking Charity to marry him when I thought he was going to confess to the affair #Emmerdale.”

    Meanwhile, one user pointed out: “They’re all leaving the village #emmerdale and I think we can guess already what the Christmas storylines will be #charityfindsout #paddyfindsout.”

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