Emmerdale spoilers: First look at cow stampede but who dies?

An exciting teaser has been released ahead of a huge stunt in Emmerdale – a cow stampede.

As part of the soap’s 50th anniversary, the storm – which began in last night’s episode – will cause a nightmare for Moira (Natalie J Robb) when the barn protecting the cows breaks, causing the cattle to escape.

The show’s designer, Duncan Howell, says that ‘A cow stampede has not been done on a soap to this extent.’

He explained that the show was extremely careful to avoid causing any distress or upset to the cows, and in addition a puppet cow head was built so the audience can see the stampede from a cow’s viewpoint.

Anyone who lives in the countryside knows that cows can be dangerous – they’re huge, heavy animals and it’s never sensible to go into a field full of them – so when a stampede of nervous cattle is heading towards you it must be terrifying.

But who will be in the path of this mooing menace?

We can safely rule out Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) as she’s otherwise occupied.

Because she’s trapped under a quad bike.

Last night, as Harriet headed into the woods to search for a missing Amelia (Daisy Campbell), an accident saw her fall down a bank, stopping when the vehicle landed on top of her.

When Kim (Claire King) arrived, she tried to save Harriet, but the explosion also saw the iconic character launch backwards and knock her head on a rock.

With the storm only just beginning, suffice to say we will end up seeing more lives in danger.

But who will be left crying over spilt milk?

One thing is for certain, that’s an udderly awful way to go.

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