Emmerdale spoilers see Jacob paternity twist, Chas bombshell and double exit

It's never a dull moment in Emmerdale and during the Christmas festivities, tensions are running high.

Emmerdale spoilers can reveal that Jacob Gallagher tries to deny his connection to David Metcalfe, leaving his dad mortified when he tells his pals who his father is.

Meanwhile, Eric Pollard and Brenda Walker are planning to retire but will things run smoothly for the pair when they leave their business in the hands of Bernice Blackstock?

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And an unexpected visitor opens a can of worms for Cain Dingle and a broken-hearted Chas is faced with jaw-dropping news.

But what will she do with the information she just received?

Jacob paternity twist

As Christmas in Emmerdale gets into full swing, David is determined to reunite with his ex girlfriend Victoria for the festive period.

The pair previous split after David submitted her name for a speeding offence which he committed, leaving her furious when she discovered the truth.

But it looks like Victoria isn't the only one growing embarrassed of David's antics, as next week Jacob ends up telling a big lie to his friends about his parents.

During the Emmerdale street party, which was created by Ethan, Jacob gets caught out.

While talking to his mates, he tells them that Doctor Liam is his dad, which is overheard by a heartbroken David as he hears Leyla being referred to as his mum but not him as his father.

After hearing Jacob's lie, David is mortified and realising his mistake, Jacob does his best to try and build bridges with his dad during the festivities.

As they sit down to enjoy a family meal, Jacob tries to reconcile with his dad, but will he forgive him for his slip up?

Double exit

Getting the village ready for the New Year's Eve party, DJ Bob starts to set up his gear but he’s mocked for his out of date tunes.

Meanwhile Bernice tries to recruit people to her menopause support group.

Later on, Bernice has an idea, when Pollard reveals a position has become open at the B&B.

Brenda reveals to a shocked Nicola that she and Pollard are retiring and Bernice shows off her plans for the new and hopefully improved B&B and Bernice is chuffed when Pollard gives her the job.

Bernice and Bob bounce off each other as they make plans for the B&B.

However she is thwarted in her plans to get started when Mandy insists that she should she work out her one month notice and Mandy contemplates having to close the Salon earlier than anticipated.

But once hearing Bernice's plans, Mandy’s livid that she is plotting to take Wendy and Bob’s business away from the Salon.

When Mandy fires her on the spot, Bernice is happy to know it’s played out just as she would have hoped so she continue her plans as usual.

Chas bombshell

On Christmas day, Cain has an unexpected visitor in prison.

Cain and Caleb eye each other without saying a word. When they finally decide to engage Caleb reveals he’s surprised their mother, Faith, has recently died.

But when Cain tells him that Faith died 30 years ago we soon realise Caleb is Cain’s brother.

Caleb confronts Cain as to why he lied to him for so many years regarding Faith’s death and how Cain took away his choice to get to know his family.

But Cain refuses to answer and tells Caleb to stay away from his family.

Later on, Chas drops off some Christmas presents for the Dingles as well as a small birthday present for Belle.

She’s left feeling sad and alone when Belle and Mandy’s hostility towards her causes an atmosphere in the family home.

When Chas goes to find solace in the closed and empty Woolpack, she's horrified o find Paddy and Eve with Marlon's family in full Christmas swing.

But she realises that she needs to continue their ceasefire out of consideration for their daughter.

Marlon’s emotions begins to run high when he thanks everyone who’s been there for him on his recovery journey.

But the awkward atmosphere is far too much for Chas who decides quietly leaves with her mother’s firework in tow as she heads over to grave yard to pay a visit to her daughter.

She reads out the card given to her by later mother Faith.

Becoming emotional and missing both her mother and daughter, Chas stays strong as a stranger approaches with some bombshell news just as Faith’s firework takes off leaving Chas gobsmacked.

The following day, in prison, Cain prepares himself to see Moira. There is a Flashback to 1991 and we discover the story behind brothers Caleb and Cain.


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