Emmerdale star reveals what's next for Paddy after contemplating suicide

Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) has had a very difficult few months in Emmerdale, and upcoming scenes will see him consider taking his own life.

Things began to fall apart for Paddy when he discovered that wife Chas (Lucy Pargeter) had been having an affair.

Since then, he has felt pushed out of the family, and isolation and depression has crept up on him.

While he is set to reach his lowest point in the coming weeks, things will start to get better for Paddy, as he seeks help for his suicidal thoughts.

‘Fortunately I don’t think they’re going to just drop [this storyline] and move on.’ Actor Dominic Brunt revealed.

‘[Paddy’s recovery is] going to be an ongoing thing, quite a bit of it on camera involving other people from the village, some people out of the village. ‘

Luckily for Paddy, he is surrounded by a family who cares for him, and they will play a role in helping him recover.

‘They will help him, but Marlon (Mark Charnock) says ‘Why didn’t you come and talk to me?’ and he says ‘At the time it wouldn’t have made any difference.’

‘So that’s why you need to seek help, I think, because at the moment of despair I don’t think people think much will help. But there are lots of things that can help.’

However, it can be quite difficult for people to talk to loved ones about their struggles, as Dominic discovered during his research for this storyline.

‘Some people get very very embarrassed in these situations and they don’t want to speak to friends but they will go and speak to somebody else that they don’t know.

‘The Andy’s Man Club starting in Halifax, there’s 172 of them now, one of the chaps that runs it said you get a lot of people going out of town so they can speak to complete strangers. They’d rather do that because it’s embarrassing as a male sometimes to open up. For some males.’

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Andy’s Man Club is one of the charities that Emmerdale teamed up with to help tell this story accurately. They provide a space for men to discuss their struggles in order to tackle the stigma of mental health.

This is also something that Dominic hopes to achieve with this storyline.

‘I really hope it shines a light on the subject. I hope it makes people aware of what other people are going through. I don’t want to sound patronising and I hope it works out like this, but if it helps just one person it would be amazing. It would be amazing.’

He also has hopes for Paddy’s future, as this story continues.

‘I hope he gets better. I hope he talks more. I hope he brings his friends into what happened.

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