Emmerdale star worlds away from Gennie Walker a decade after exit

Gennie Walker made her arrival to Emmerdale in 2008 as the biological daughter of Shadrach Dingle, who was Cain (Jeff Hordley) and Chas’ (Lucy Pargeter) dad. It’s been 10 years since we last saw the character, so it’s no wonder actress Sian Reese-Williams has changed a lot.

With a short brown bob and fringe, Gennie settled into life in the Dales by marrying Nikhil Sharma and giving birth to their daughter, Molly.

Things took a dramatic turn for the character when she discovered evidence that proved Cameron Murray killed Carl King, not Chas.

As Cameron and Debbie (Charley Webb) chased after her, Gennie ended up skidding across the road and crashing her car in a ravine. When Debbie wasn’t looking, Cameron suffocated Gennie, leading to her death.

Fast forward a few years and Sian has certainly said goodbye to her old soap look. She has lost the fringe and changed the colour of her hair to a lighter brown with highlights.


She is currently on stage in the theatre production of In Dreams, but has also become known for her role in the TV show Hidden.

The Welsh crime drama – first airing in 2018 – follows Detective Inspector Cadi Jones and Owen Vaughan. In the first series, the detectives launch an investigation into the body of a young woman being discovered on the banks of a river.

Sian is also known for portraying Jodie in BBC One’s Holby City.

Jodie became Sacha’s (Bob Barrett) partner shortly after Essie’s (Kaye Wragg) death. She was obsessive towards Sacha and even went as far as trying to poison his daughter Beka (Francesca Barrett).

When Sacha eventually worked out the truth, Jodie panicked and ran out of the hospital to prevent the police getting involved.

As Dom (David Ames) attempted to search for her, he crashed into a skip and some scaffolding after coming across Jodie in the carpark.

He was left with major injuries, which developed into a storyline where Dom adjusted to life with a stoma bag.

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