Emmerdale: Marlon tells Paddy about his money troubles

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Marlon (played by Mark Charnock) has been recovering from his stroke in recent months on Emmerdale, with the stalwart going from strength to strength with his mobility and his speech. In the next couple of weeks, he is set to marry the love of his life, Rhona Goskirk (Zoë Henry) and her mother, Mary Goskirk (Louise Jameson), made sure they got a date for August. However, it could be his friend Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) who realises everything is not all as it seems with his friend and how his exit from the ITV soap could be on the horizon.

In scenes airing later this week on the village-based drama, the wedding party will attend their respective stag and hen parties.

Whilst Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) organises the do for Rhona, Paddy is tasked with making sure Marlon has a night to remember.

The Woolpack chef originally said he didn’t want a party because he was worried he wasn’t going to be able to do everything the other guys would be able to do.

Not wanting his friend to miss out on the occasion, Paddy surprises his best friend with a zombie-themed party before his big day.

Unfortunately, the excitement gets too much for Marlon and he ends up falling asleep whilst his best man is talking to him.

This could leave Paddy really concerned as although he knows Marlon has been trying really hard with physiotherapy, he knows this tiredness is abnormal.

With Marlon having been putting so much pressure on himself recently and having mingled with more people, it could be he has picked up an infection.

Following his stroke and initial release from the hospital, it wasn’t long before Marlon was back in there as he developed pneumonia.

This time around, it could be the same thing as a chest infection could have developed into something much worse.

By the time Paddy calls for the ambulance and his best friend is back in the hospital, the damage could be irreversible to his lungs.

They have got the wrong guy

Mark Charnock

Therefore, they could tell his loved ones to prepare for the worst as it seems Marlon isn’t going to recover this time.

On what should have been the happiest day of their life, Rhona and Marlon would have to be saying farewell to one another.

It would be a heartbreaking end to the stalwart’s time in the village, especially given how hard he has been working on his recovery.

Paddy, Rhona and the rest of the village would be in mourning for a friend, father and partner who had so many more years to enjoy.

With Faith Dingle (Sally Dexter) also set to be killed off later this year, it seems the iconic family could be in for a tough autumn.

The actor who plays Marlon, Mark, has recently spoken out about how he got the role of his character and how he thought bosses had made a huge mistake.

Mark explained: “I went into the loo and looked in the mirror and thought, ‘They have got the wrong guy.’

This was because the description of the character was completely different to who the actor was, with Marlon supposedly being: “A Greek god, an Adonis, the sort of man who makes women melt.”

“I said to the director, ‘Can I Just ask you about this description?’ the soap star continued, before adding: “He said, ‘Oh yes don’t worry, he’s now a nerd who thinks he’s those things.’

“They were going to have him as an absolute hunk, a beautiful, carved thing.”

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Mark continued: “At some point, someone said wouldn’t it be funny if he was just an absolute dweeb who thought he was that?

“That was why I got the audition,” he said in an interview with The Mirror.

However, the actor wasn’t too fussed about the character being changed as he added: “It made me feel great. I thought ‘Thank god I don’t have to pout my way through this.'”

The actor would have never thought at the time of being introduced to the cast he would one day be at the centre of a stroke storyline.

Explaining why this character was chosen, the producer for the show, Laura Shaw explained: “Warm, witty and kind-hearted Marlon is undoubtedly one of Emmerdale’s most loved characters.”

“And with Mark Charnock’s sheer skill, craft and incredible range, it felt totally right to play such an incredibly important story as this,” she continued.

“With Marlon highlights that a stroke can happen at any time and showing the catastrophic consequences it can have on the person affected and their whole family.”

After more than 25 years serving as the character, it could be this is the time Mark will leave the show.

How will viewers react if yet another, beloved Dingle is killed off this year or will the charismatic chef get his happy ever after?

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7:30pm on ITV, with an hour-long episode airing on Thursdays.

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