FBI feared Marilyn Monroe 'leaked nuke secrets from JFK meeting before death' | The Sun

THE FBI suspected Marilyn Monroe was cosying up to communists and leaking nuke secrets after meetings with president JFK, a doc has revealed

Talking during an interview in the Netflix documentary, The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes, writer Anthony Summers delves into FBI files on Monroe's movements during the Cold War.

The FBI had started to become nervous about loose-lipped Marilyn's connections and her close proximity to the President of the United States and his brother Robert.

At the time tensions between the US and the Soviet Union were mounting when both began testing nuclear weapons – leading to the Cuban missile crisis.

It's feared that Marilyn may have become privy to state nuclear secrets after having close personal relationships with both the Kennedy brothers.

The docs suggest that US intelligence services were concerned about a visit she made to Mexico where she met with communist pals who had fled the States.


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During the trip, she told known communist Fred Vanderbilt Field, of a talk she had with the President's brother Robert Kennedy, the Attorney General, 'about politics'.

On July 13 1962 an unnamed informant said Marilyn had also spoken of a meeting with President Kennedy at his brother-in-law Peter Lawford's home.

During lunch, she said that she'd discussed the 'morality of atomic testing' with JFK while Marilyn had been described as 'positively and concisely leftist.'

The FBI were also aware of a meeting between Bobby Kennedy and the Blonde bombshell before he headed to Nevada to witness a nuclear weapons test.

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The rendevous between the trio were set against the backdrop of the ongoing Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union.

The Cold War, Between 1947 and 1991, saw tensions between the two countries escalate despite neither taking direct military action.

Both superpowers began developing intercontinental ballistic missiles and in 1962, the same Marilyn had met with the Kennedy brothers, the Cuban missile crisis began.

For 35 days the two countries stood on the brink of nuclear war when USSR placed nuclear-armed missiles in Cuba – just 90 miles from US shores.

A deal was later struck when the leader of the Soviet Union Nikita Khrushchev agreed to dismantle the Cuban missile if America did not evade the island and removed their missiles in Turkey.


The secret meetings between Monroe and the Kennedy brothers all took place in the weeks before her tragic death.

The suspicious circumstances in which she died led to countless conspiracy theories – despite coroners ruling her death as probable suicide.

Monroe allegedly had romantic links with JFK and his younger brother Robert but both men refused to commit as they were married with children.

In the Netflix doc, a private investigator revealed how he heard Marilyn Monroe having sex with President John F Kennedy and brother Bobby during their secret rendezvous.

He claims to have installed listening devices in the actress' home as well as the beach house at the home of John and Robert's brother-in-law, Peter Lawford.

Peter and their sister Patricia Kennedy Lawford were renowned for holding wild parties where Marilyn would meet the brothers in private at the couple's beach house in Palm Springs.

Speaking about the secret recordings, Danoff said: "I'm beginning to recognise the voices, the Bostonian accent and Marilyn Monroe.

"I heard the President call Marilyn, 'Marilyn', or Marilyn calling the President the 'Prez'.

Fred Otash, the investigator adds: "There were numerous tapes made on Marilyn and Jack at the beach house in the act of loving making.  

"They went into the bedroom where there was another transmitter, which picked up cuddly talk and taking off her clothes, the sex act in the bed." 

Marilyn also told columnist and writer Sidney Skolsky that she was in a relationship with Bobby's brother John and that the two were intimate on several occasions.

In the days leading up to her death, sources claimed Monroe told confidants that she was pregnant with one of the Kennedy's children, but she was forced to "lose the baby."

A new film on Monroe's life titled 'Blonde' is set to be released in September.

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The new Netflix movie is based on a 2000 book by Joyce Carol Oates of the same name.

Andrew Dominik's film looks into Marilyn's – portrayed by actress Ana de Armas – rise to fame and her relationships.

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