Fears for Bernie in Coronation Street – is Fern an imaginary friend?

Coronation Street fans have loved seeing Jane Hazlegrove’s double Gabrielle Glaister appear in the ITV soap.

Gabrielle is playing the role of Fern, who met Bernie after she was mistakenly given a posh jacket of her doppelgänger’s.

Once Fern and Bernie established they had quite a lot (maybe almost too much) in common, they devised a plan for Bernie to pretend to be Fern and in return, she’d earn some cash.

The storyline continues next week but concern starts to grow for the character as Gemma (Dolly-Rose Campbell) realises…Bernie is the only person who’s actually ever seen Fern.

At No.5, Bernie’s in a good mood as she announces she’s taking an extra job as a cleaner for a high-end agency so that she can contribute more money to the household.

When Fern arrives later that day, she tells a disappointed Bernie that the cleaning agency is dodgy, and she should steer well clear.

Sending Bernie out for a takeaway, Fern quickly swipes a bank statement and a top and rushes out of the house.

When Bernie returns home, she’s stunned to see Fern has disappeared.

As Gemma enters, she’s sceptical Fern even exists and reckons Bernie’s too old to have an imaginary friend.

…surely not?

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