Freddie fears he will become as evil as his rapist dad in EastEnders

Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier) faces his dad Graham Foster in upcoming episodes of EastEnders.

This will be the second time Freddie has confronted his dad, as a few weeks ago he got in contact wanting to find out why Graham had never built a relationship with him.

Freddie then discovered he was conceived as a result of Graham raping his mum, Little Mo, and was heartbroken. He chose to cut Graham out of his life completely but in upcoming episodes, the evil character sends Freddie a friend request online.

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At first, Freddie blocks the request but after a chat with Gina (Francesca Henry), he decides to meet his dad again.

Joined by Anna (Molly Rainford), Freddie demands that Graham admits he raped Little Mo, but he insists that Freddie’s mum is a liar.

Returning to Walford, Freddie is reeling and can’t believe his dad was so cold and remorseless. Anna tries to tell him that he’s nothing like his evil father, but Freddie can’t shake the fear that he shares DNA with a complete monster.

Trouble continues for Freddie, as he struggles to get his friendship with Bobby (Clay Milner Russell) back on track, gets into an altercation at the pub and has a row with Stacey (Lacey Turner).

During a chat with Bobby, Anna explains why Freddie is in such a state, and Bobby is shocked to hear that his best mate had another meeting with Graham.

Bobby and Anna go and look for Freddie, fearing that he might do something stupid as he’s drunk and upset, but can they find him in time?

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