GB News viewers fume Angela Levin should mind own business

Prince Harry and Meghan ‘will face a proper grilling’ says Wyatt

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She joined GB News presenter Nana Akua and launched yet another attack on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. After images emerged of Kate Middleton embracing her first history teacher, Angela claimed it was a direct message to Meghan who previously expressed she’s “not a hugger”. However, her appearance on GB News sparked an uproar with viewers who took to their social media accounts to air their thoughts.

Speaking to Nana, Angela said: “I actually wondered whether Kate was doing it to show that she could because I think it’s really unusual for you to hug your former history teacher.

“I never hugged any of my teachers, however nice they were. She also recently hugged a young woman who had been on a polar expedition and she gave her a huge hug too. They were real monster hugs.

“I think she’s now much more confident because she’s got a new role. She’s the wife of the heir to the throne. And I think that she feels that she can get a bit looser in how she behaves.

“The teacher said she was absolutely ideal, wonderful, terrific to teach. And I suppose she’s got a soft spot for her.

“I think she’s a very kind person but she won’t stand for much nonsense against her, her children or her husband which is quite right.

“She has a lovely smile but is tough inside, which she has to be.”

Angela also spoke about the recent interview by Sasha Walpole, the woman who took Harry’s virginity.

She said: “It’s getting more and more ridiculous. He actually had the audacity to say he had no regrets about anything he put in the book or has said.

“He was quite nasty about her in the book. When you saw her talking, she looked like it was really hurtful, but she felt she had to talk about it.

“She was completely unpracticed at talking on television or radio, but she thought she should because she wanted to clear the air about herself.

“And she seemed like a very nice straightforward person. So he could have actually apologised, but you see nowadays, there’s no apology in his vocabulary.

“We’ve seen his father, his brother, and his sister-in-law. There are no apologies. Yet he wants them to apologise.”

@Bannill fumed: “@GBNEWS What’s it got to do with Angela Levin? People should learn to mind their own business don’t you think? Meddling in other people’s affairs causes the problems.”

@Cordell_NunesSr expressed: “@GBNEWS No!!!!!! Don’t get him to apologise for that cause that would open the door for him to get back into people’s heart.

“He knew what he was doing and the damage is done…….let him suffer and live with the regrets.” (sic)

Shane Perkins commented: “You have no shame….your still making money out of other people’s stories.”

@MicBBBrad added: “Royal expert’ is a job that could only exist in a truly impoverished society. One with a dearth of both political development and cultural value.

However, not all viewers of the show disagreed with that Angela had to say, with defended: @jdhcgeucbdbdhch1338: “Angela always gets it right. Thank you.”

@linkednotranked praised: “Nana and Angela ! What a team!.” (sic)

Nana Akua airs weekends from 4pm on GB News.

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