GMB sparks uproar with hard to watch Harry and Meghan debate

Meghan and Harry: GMB panel react to South Park ridicule

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However, Good Morning Britain viewers were far from happy the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were the subject of debate and complained there is “more important news” to focus on. Ranvir Singh made it clear she found the South Park episode “hard to watch” as she discussed it with Jacqui Smith, Iain Dale and Jack Royston.

Ranvir commented: “I mean, it is quite hard to watch isn’t it? It’s tough.”

“Listen, I’m Team Meghan, but I still think that was funny. The poster saying ‘Stop looking at us,'” Jacqui added.

Turning to Jack, Ranvir remarked: “Right okay so this is a big deal that they’ve had the mickey taken out of them on a massive show like that.

“It’s like when you’re in The Simpsons, it’s an accolade but when you’re in South Park, I’m not sure so much.”

Ed added “all of the big stars have been mocked in this way”.

Jack shared: “There’s a big thing happening in America right now, they’ve transitioned from being Obama 2.0, these really serious celebrities to being these figures of ridicule, it’s not just South Park, it’s been Saturday Night Live and Jimmy Fallon and other big, big, big mainstream comedy shows. So it’s a big transition.

“We actually had some polling before Harry’s book came out and then again afterwards and they have crashed in the US opinion polls.

“So public opinion in America has swung significantly in the US. Harry has dropped 45 points.”

Explaining what this means for the couple, Jack continued: “They were deep into positive numbers, sitting pretty in America before Netflix and now they’re both in minus numbers.”

“Does it matter? Because their Netflix series was the biggest show Netflix had ever done,” Ranvir cut in.

“They’re still making money, which is what they wanted.”

Iain added he feels the couple “care deeply about their reputation” and the US polling numbers are “very graphic”.

“I think the book was an incredibly bad mistake,” Iain commented. “I’ve got to about page 60 and I just can’t be bothered to go on any longer.”

Taking to Twitter to complain about the debate, John Ellis asked: “I thought it was a news programme?”

“There is more important news in the world to talk about than Harry and Megan,” Aziz Aghabi tweeted.

Uz added: “Errr have the the researchers not given the panel the information that William and Kate have been on South Park and there was one of the queen…”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV from 6am.

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