Loose Women viewers fume at ‘rude’ Jane Moore after heated Kelle Bryan debate

Loose Women panellist Jane Moore has faced backlash following a firey debate with her co-star Kelle Bryan.

On Thursday’s episode of the show, 16 February, the panel – consisting of Jane, Kelle, Kaye Adams and Linda Robson –discussed the ongoing investigation into the disappearance of Nicola Bulleyand how its been handled.

A day prior, Lancashire Police announced in a press conference that Nicola ad "some significant issues with alcohol" in the past "brought on by her ongoing struggles with the menopause".

Asking if it was right of the police to share such personal information about the missing mum-of-two, Kelle argued that the public have “every right” to question the force’s actions in the wake of officers such as Wayne Couzens being involved in some crimes, which has affected many people's trust in the police.

"I guess my personal issue is the trust for the police. I think people have every right to ask them questions,” she said.

"I'm not talking about sort of keyboard warriors, I am talking about those who have an informed place who have done their reading and done their research from what is available. The kind of people who call in to talk shows and want to ask questions.”

Jane disagreed, however, arguing: “But from what's available, that is not necessary, that is all that is available, that is just what you know from reading online.”

Kelle continued: “Absolutely, I agree from what's available which is why they are asking questions because maybe not everything is available to them.

"So I think as a member of the public we are entitled to ask them questions. The police historically and we can look at the evidence and some of it is positive and some of it isn't.

"We can look at the Stephen Lawrence case, where there are a plethora of issues and failings by the police, that family were right to ask them questions.”

Jane then argued that Stephen’s family were “perfectly entitled” to query the police as it involved their family member. Kaye agreed before going on to point out that random members of the public questioning a case may not be as useful.

In light of Jane’s constant pushback against her co-star Kelle’s comments, Loose Women viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts in the debate.

“Good grief, Jane could let Kelly speak on @loosewomen She’s so opinionated & if she doesn’t agree with someone she talks over them, rude!! Kelly had a fair point that after recent events people are less trusting of the police #loosewomen,” one fan penned.

“Jane loves the sound of her own voice. Nobody is allowed a opinion but her #LooseWomen,” added another.

Someone else questioned: “Why does Jane try to shut Kelle's opinions down #LooseWomen”.

However, some agreed with Jane, with one adding: "Well said Jane there are bad apples in every profession, yes even doctors, nurses and police officers. However the majority work very hard to keep us all safe, putting their own lives at risk. How undervalued must they feel to hear such negative comments on a tv show."

Loose Women airs on ITV weekdays at 12:30pm.


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