Grace season 3 will have some puzzling cases this year

Grace star admits feeling ‘hysterical’ after filming in mortuary

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Adapted from the best-selling crime novels by Peter James, Grace season three will be no different as it takes its cue from the books. Season three will see John Simm reprising his role as the titular detective Roy Grace, who remains haunted by the disappearance of his wife. Also returning to the ITV drama will be Richie Campbell as Glenn Branson, Zoë Tapper as Cleo Morey, Craig Parkinson as Norman Potting and Laura Elphinstone as Bella Moy.

This year, there were several writers who took on the scripts including Ben Court, Caroline Ip and Ed Whitmore after Grace’s main writer Russell Lewis stepped away for season three.

Season three will see fans getting some more answers about Grace’s wife Sandy, who disappeared many years ago.

Meanwhile, Grace is trying to move on with a romance with pathologist Cleo but will still be plagued by the spectre of Sandy.

Moreover, both Grace and Branson will be having problems in their personal lives, which sees them bond.

How many episodes are in Grace season 3?

There is a total of three episodes with a runtime of two hours airing weekly on ITV1 and ITVX on Sundays at 8pm.

Here is a list of episode titles, summaries and air dates.

Episode 1. Dead Like You – March 19

Assistant Chief Constable Alison Vosper’s (played by Rakie Ayola) leaving do is marred by a shocking event with Grace and Branson left in the unenviable position of interviewing top police officials alongside hotel guests about the incident.

Grace is left deeply unsettled by the event, which has the hallmarks of a sinister offender the Brighton Prowler, whom the detective is convinced has resurfaced.

Episode 2. Dead Man’s Grip – March 26

What starts off as a standard road collision involving three vehicles soon becomes something quite different after a surprising discovery on the victim’s body at the scene of the accident.

Grace and Branson must race through the streets of Brighton if they are to save an innocent life before disaster strikes again.

Episode 3. Not Dead Yet – April 2

The final film in season three follows a singer, whose stardom is on the rise with the prospect of her and her band heading to LA.

But all of this scuppered by a shocking incident with the musician left fearing for her life and the threat of violence against her.

Grace questions whether one of the star’s fanbase could be the perpetrator as he’s forced to split his team to pursue two lines of inquiry.

Speaking about the setting for the Grace novels, author James said: “I grew up in Brighton and its crime background is second to none.

“It’s got what every villain wants: a major seaport on both sides so great for escaping. Gatwick airport is 25 minutes up the road. A fast train to London, 50 minutes.

“The largest number of antique shops and second-hand jewellery shops that are perfect for fencing stuff. It’s a huge party town with two universities, very diverse.

“There is a massive recreational drugs market. It has got everything to attract villains and is a lovely place to live, to boot!”

He went on to address the parallels between the episodes in season three and British policing in 2023.

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James said: “When I was writing and researching Dead Like You, Sussex and all other police forces in the UK were institutionally sexist.

“If a woman was raped, she would go into a police station and the sergeant would take one look at her and say, ‘Well, you went out wearing that mini-skirt, what did you expect?’

“Sussex Police were pioneers. They were the first police force in England to have a dedicated rape suite. It’s called a SARC. It was adjunct to Crawley hospital.

“A female rape victim would be treated entirely by women.

“From the moment she reported the rape she would be put in a sterile corridor, taken straight to the SARC where she would then be forensically examined and with huge sympathy.”

Adding: “The amount of clear-up for rape 30 years ago was appallingly low. Sussex Police made a dramatic difference.”

Grace season 3 starts on Sunday, March 19 at 8pm

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