Hannah Ann Sluss Opened Up About Becoming Close Friends With Madison Prewett

Truth: Peter Weber put his Bachelor contestants through it during his chaotic quest for love. Not only did he fully play Hannah Ann Sluss and get engaged to her while still working through his feelings for Madison Prewett, he also got into so many arguments with Victoria Fuller and ended up dumping frontrunner Kelsey Weier. Despite the bleak season finale, Peter’s top four ladies have gone on to become super close friends.

While promoting her new partnership with poppi, a prebiotic soda, Hannah Ann sat down for a video chat with Access Hollywood and dished about her blossoming friendships. She said, “It’s taken time for all of us to get there, but we’ve all have put our differences aside because we care about each other.” At one point, Hannah Ann even compared their friendship with them to being sisters and added, “We were all put through the ringer. But we’re all in a happy good spot in our lives, so it makes it easier to support one another because we’re all at a good place.”

And don’t just take her word for it. They’ve all hung out so many times and posted pics together on Instagram this week.

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All about that Final Four ?

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My Heart Is Full ❤️

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Even though the pandemic is still a very real threat that we should all be taking seriously, people across the country have been shirking social distancing and wearing masks when around others. Unfortunately, it seems these Bachelor ladies aren’t following social distancing and decided to pose for photos without masks and while embracing each other.

Remember who you are and how much you deserve 💝!! @madiprew

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Look, it’s understandable to want to hang with friends and hug them without worrying about spreading a super contagious deadly virus, but that’s just not the world we’re living in right now! Hannah Ann didn’t comment on her close hangs during the interview, but let’s just hope they’ve all been safe and socially distant from others since these all these photos were posted.

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