Hollyoaks’ Anna Passey says fans love her ‘being evil’ after trying to kill 15

Hollyoaks star Anna Passey says fans love how evil she is on screen.

Her character Sienna Blake has attempted to murder more than 15 people since she arrived back in 2012 and every time she turns nasty it goes down a storm with viewers at home.

Anna said: “When you’re a villain, the best you can do is lean into that as hard as possible. People want to see Sienna being evil. They enjoy it.

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“I’m always surprised by how much people want to see her being bad.

“When she’s done some of her worst stuff, people have loved it. They enjoy that side of her.”

Anna's latest betrayal is going to create waves very soon as Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) discovered Sienna (Anna Passey) knew all about Grace Black's plot to let him die.

Warren's life by his long-lost mother Norma, played by Glynis Barber, who returned to Chester to donate part of her liver to him.

When he woke up after the operation, his mum begged for his forgiveness after abandoning him when he needed her most.

Warren softened up to his mum, but when he mentioned he thought there was still a spark between him and Sienna, Norma's visible reaction sparked his suspicion.

He was left devastated when Norma admitted that Sienna knew that Grace had doctored the donor results in a bid to kill him off, and had wanted him dead in revenge for him killing Adam.

Warren was under the impression that he and Sienna had been on the verge of getting back together, so fans will have to wait and see if he has got a revenge plot up his sleeve to get his own back.

Is Sienna in danger as Warren finds out just how Sienna really feels about him?

You can watch Anna in action on the show every weeknight at 6.30pm on Channel 4.

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