Hollyoaks’ Glenn cancels debt with Courtney after heartwarming moment with Jesse

It looks like Glenn may have suddenly become a little bit nicer as he has a genuine heart-to-heart with his son, making his steely exterior melt.

He has already been embroiled in a debt with Courtney, saying she owes him £20,000 after he lent her money with exorbitant interest.

So Courtney agreed to be his mule in Magaluf, and do some shocking deeds to help him in exchange for a debt free life, which is now breaking apart Courtney and Jesse.

Jesse confronts Courtney over her lies about her whereabouts the day before, she lies again telling him she had a hospital appointment and didn’t want to worry him.

In reality, she was finishing a job for Glenn.

Later on, Courtney and Jesse are rowing as he tells her he feels like she is taking him for granted, and she is lucky to have him!

Naturally, she is furious as he has no idea what she has done for him, and tells Jesse she hates him and leaves.

After this, Glenn and Jesse share a heart-warming moment as Jesse thanks Glenn for his encouragement to do the right thing by Courtney.

Their chat genuinely moves Glenn, and there is a moment of real emotion between the two, which sparks a shocking decision from him.

Glenn rips up the agreement between him and Courtney, declaring she no longer owes him anything in a real change for the villain.

However, he doesn’t stay good for long as he then sets up Simone to try and win funding for the school.

Simone finds Price Slice has been broken into and smashed, so Glenn tries to help her by offering to fix the place up.

What Simone doesn’t know, however, is that Glenn was the one who did the trashing in order to buy his way into Simone’s good books.

Zack tries to tell Simone that Glenn is bad news, but later he finds them in a compromising position and realises his advice is falling on deaf ears.

Sadly, things go worse for Simone as Zack tells her Glenn and Grace are back together.

She is embarrassed, but her emotions turn more to anger when she discovers that Glenn has recorded the encounter, and now wants to blackmail her into giving him the school funding.

Grace, meanwhile, is upset by Glenn’s betrayal, and seeks comfort in Maxine.

Hollyoaks airs weekdays at 7pm on E4.

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