How Kristen Stewart Is Like and Not Like Princess Diana: 'I Learned Everything I Could Learn From Her'

Kristen Stewart has been in many high-profile movies over the years, including, most notably, the Twilight franchise. Stewart, who rose to fame as a child star before transitioning into adult roles around the time of Twilight, has often been praised for her ability to effortlessly meld into any character.

Still, Stewart’s most recent role could possibly be her biggest yet, as it has the actor taking on a part that would intimidate anyone. In Spencer, Stewart plays the beloved Princess Diana, and in a recent interview, the actor opened up about the challenges that she faced when bringing the character to life onscreen, and the unique similarities that she shares with the late royal. 

What did Kristen Stewart say about being similar to Princess Diana?

On the surface, it might seem that Stewart has little in common with the late royal, Princess Diana. After all, the two grew up in different countries and in different circumstances. Still, as Stewart revealed in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she was able to find some common ground with the royal due to the fact that they both experienced staggering levels of fame. 

“There was no way to play this part perfectly, and therefore it was actually easier, or at least easier to not be so intimidated or daunted,” Stewart said. “Because the only way to catch something wild is to be that, and I could only be my version of that and hope that I learned everything I could learn from her and then kind of meld and kind of be both me and her in what was going to be best version.”

Kristen Stewart admitted that she and Princess Diana have some big differences

Stewart also admitted that she is aware of the huge differences between her life and the one lived by Princess Diana. “The one difference between Diana and myself, especially, is that she was alone and I was not. I had people holding me… I had a sort of safety net,” Stewart said. The actor, who was catapulted to extreme fame after the success of Twilight, found herself on the covers of magazines all over the world, becoming a teen icon.

Princess Diana, of course, became one of the biggest icons in the world after her marriage to Prince Charles, and in the years that followed, she often made headlines due to her outfits, her charity work, and her sweet, humanitarian nature. Still, as Stewart pointed out, Princess Diana had very few close friends that she could rely on — and ultimately, she was killed in a tragic car accident at a very young age. These days, she is still a beloved global icon.

‘Spencer’ is already receiving rave reviews from critics

While Stewart had detractors when it was announced that she would be playing Princess Diana, the actor is already wowing critics with her portrayal. The film won’t be released in the United States until early November, but critics who have seen advance screenings of the film are praising Stewart for the way that she manages to capture Princess Diana’s empathy and kindness. The New York Post praised Stewart’s work in the movie as “hauntingly brilliant,” raving that the movie is “honest and probing.” 

For Stewart’s longtime fans, the reviews are proof positive that the actor has what it takes to take on even the most challenging role and come out on top. It is very possible that Spencer marks a bold new direction in Kristen Stewart’s already impressive career. 

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