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HE once had fans screaming his name at sold out arenas, but now Spike Dawbarn, has a very different job.

The former heartthrob of the nineties pop group 911, has taken a remarkable journey from the music stage to the classroom, and is now the dynamic director of the youth pop academy, PopSkool.

Spike Dawbarn, now 47, along with co-stars, Lee Brennan and Jimmy Constable, made hearts race with hits like Bodyshakin' and A Little Bit More.

But today, Spike Dawbarn is receiving applause in a whole new arena – education. He is serving as the dedicated director of PopSkool, a youth pop academy that aims to nurture the next generation of pop stars.

PopSkool started in his home town of Warrington and has now spread across the UK.

The school offers afternoon programmes where children between ages 8-16 are taught modern dance and vocal training.

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Former co-star Lee Brennan also provides voice coaching to students.

After the curtains closed on 911 at the end of 1999, Dawbarn decided to change his tune.

He followed his heart’s desire, embarked on a journey into education, and rose to the role of director at PopSkool.

Spike Dawbarns transition from pop star to school director at PopSkool is a testament to his versatility and dedication.

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The stage may have changed, but his commitment to capturing hearts and minds remains as vibrant as ever.

In his new role, Dawbarn channels the same charisma that once rocked stadiums into shaping the future pop stars of tomorrow.

He’s a living example of how life’s encore can be just as sensational as the opening act.

From boy band heartthrob to educational hero, Spike Dawbarn’s story at PopSkool is a chart topper in its own right.

Co-starts Jimmy Constable and Lee Brennan also went into different jobs after 911.

Jimmy drove ambulances during the Covid outbreak and Lee became a lifestyle coach.

As Spike Dawbarn continues to inspire, he proves that he’s not just a pop icon of the past but someone who is making a difference with the rhythm of PopSkool as his new beat.

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