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A BODY language expert has revealed how Married At First Sight star April Banbury gave away her true-feelings without saying a word.

On Tuesday night, the former Miss Great Britain was seen getting hitched to new husband George Roberts in a lavish ceremony.

Despite a fairytale day, Married At First Sight UK fans were left in shock when George made a huge family admission to his new bride.

April, 32, and George, 40, were seen chatting about their home lives as they posed for romantic snaps after their ceremony when he revealed he was a father of FOUR.

It came after the beauty queen revealed she "wasn't sure" if she wanted to have children or not – leaving viewers open mouthed.

Despite April keeping hushed about the admission and quickly moving on, a body language expert has revealed her REAL reaction.


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After watching back the tense scenes, Darren Stanton exclusively told The Sun Online how he noticed "disappointment and fear" in her face.

"“He was bracing himself to tell April about his children and when he did, we saw her flash a microexpression of fear," he explained.

"Such a microexpression allows for what we call in psychology leakage – and in that moment we saw how April truly felt despite her forcing a smile on her face.

"This wasn’t a genuine smile and instead one trying to hide the disappointment she felt, previously believing George came as a single package. There’s no denying she was overwhelmed by the revelation."

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Darren continued: "While they initially showed promise at romance blossoming between them, the fact George is a father could be a deal breaker for the couple, with April not willing to get past the fact she only found out about George’s kids until after they had wed.”

It comes after fans were left shocked last night when beauty queen April was seen cheating on her husband on their HONEYMOON.

April, 32, will cheated on the father-of-four by sharing a passionate kiss with another woman off camera at their luxury hotel.

After celebrating their wedding ceremony and saying 'I do', the couple were flown away for a lavish honeymoon.

April's attentions soon strayed as she "cheated" on her partner with a woman she met on the holiday – kissing her as part of a dare.

Explosive scenes saw George come to the realisation that he had been "cheated on" – and it had been captured on TV.

A TV insider told the MailOnline: "April passionately kissed a woman while on honeymoon with George.

"He did not expect her to behave in such a way once they had committed to each other and the experiment and for him, it was massively disappointing.

"April said that the kiss happened as part of a dare but it's still not what you expect from your wife while you're on honeymoon together. The trust was instantly broken."

April was left in shock on Tuesday when she found out her new husband has FOUR children from a previous 12-year marriage.

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She told George: "I'm not sure if I want children. Do you?" to which her husband nervously replied: "I have four."

April then talked about the 'pressure' for a woman to enter the life of the children – with George revealing he has three girls and one boy.

Fans already called it that they don't think they'll last long, with one writing: "April seems nice, but she's going to s*** herself when she hears he has four kids."

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