Im A Celebs Nigel Farages left isolated as game plan begins to fall apart

Nigel Farage's "game plan" could be hanging by a thread on I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! as a body language expert spots vital clues.

The 59-year-old made his reality TV debut on Sunday and took part in a gruesome challenge on Monday night. But Nigel seemed devastated when he wasn't chosen for another Bushtucker Trial on Tuesday (November 21).

But body language expert Judi James seems to think it could be soon all over for Nigel as he longs for a popularity boost from the general public. Spotting vital signs, Judi also believes that he may not have integrated properly in camp either.

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Talking on behalf of Paddy Power Games, Judi said: "Unlike Matt Hancock, Farage is not in the jungle seeking redemption or forgiveness, he’s wanting to boost his popularity. Which means acceptance and integration with the campmates while allowing the public to vote him for every challenge to let him prove he’s brave and a good sport.

"Farage’s group integration is showing early signs of fading. He barely got hugs from the others when he returned victorious from his eating challenge and in group scenes now his body language is beginning to make him look isolated. But his biggest blow came when he wasn’t picked or even nominated for the next big challenge, which could suggest the viewers are bored playing with him already.

The body language expert also expressed that Nigel's face when he was told he wasn't doing the trial was very telling. She added: "There were no signs of genuine relief as he found he hadn’t got votes for the challenge, just a wide-eyed look of shock and disappointment as the wheels started to come off his game-plan."

On Tuesday's show, Nigel was clearly disappointed that he couldn't partake in another trial and expressed this to his fellow campmate Grace Dent. He also let loose on his plans to gain more airtime.

Seeing his confession, fans headed over to X to share their thought. One viewer said: "I can’t believe Nigel admitted to wanting more airtime."

Another penned: On another note, lol about Nigel being caught saying he was narked off at not getting voted for the trial cos that's 25% of the airtime. Genuinely hope he doesn't get voted for again now.

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