ITV’s This Morning’s Dr Sara Kayat shows off baby daughter as she returns to work

This Morning's resident medical expert, Dr Sara Kayat, delighted viewers by introducing her newborn daughter on the ITV show.

Only four weeks old, baby Rose was seen snuggled in the arms of her dad Rupert Walker as Dr Sara returned to work.

Dressed in a cute pink cardigan and black and white striped baby grow, host Rochelle Humes couldn't resist saying: "She's so new and she has that new baby smell." Co-host Craig Doyle added: "She's super-cute and so squishy."

Last month, Dr Sara announced Rose's arrival on social media. Soon after, Craig and Josie Gibson revealed the baby girl's name on the show.

Craig shared the happy news, saying: "We're starting with some really, really lovely news, because over the weekend Dr Sara welcomed a gorgeous baby girl named Rose into the world." A picture of Dr Sara cradling her second child showed on the screen as Josie said: "She's gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous, Oh I'm broody already, I'm getting broody."

In a heartwarming photo, fans got to see Dr Sara's three year old son Harris meeting his baby sister for the first time.

The GP had previously announced her pregnancy in May with a lovely picture of Harris hugging her growing bump. She also opened up about her struggles to conceive her second child as she shared: "And so, we grow. We are expecting a little pumpkin this October. When I fell pregnant with Harris, I announced it on insta with too little consideration. It had been an easy journey and I was in my own blissful world."

She further added: "The journey to baby two was a little different, and in truth at times I found myself resenting everyone else's pregnancy announcements. So this time round, I'd like to be a little more mindful of others out there who are not where they want to be on their journeys to parenthood."

Dr Sara continued: "I am obviously ecstatic about this announcement, yet I long to reach a loving hand out to anyone who is suffering. I'm sorry. It's not fair. I hope from the depths of my heart that you get what you want or find peace with what you have. So much love to everyone out there, but especially to those whose paths have been rockier and darker than expected."

Dr Sara and her husband Rupert got married in 2017 and three years later, they welcomed their little boy Harris.

Dr Sara had planned for a water birth at home but things took an unexpected turn when her son arrived ten days early.

She shared with This Morning viewers via video link, a day after the birth: "Thank you so much I'm so so happy it's one of those overwhelming love kind of sensations, I didn't know I had in me, so I'm very happy. He was 10 days early and because he was my first everyone was expecting it to be at least a week or so later.

"I was at home, I wanted a water birth, but I hadn't quite expected it to be in my bath, with no midwife present, so my husband had to kind of capture the baby as he came out. He came out about 9:20."

She added: "I had to call the ambulance, obviously with the midwife not knowing when to get here for, they arrived 20 mins later and then the midwives arrived 20 mins after that. My first contractions were about 3:45 in the morning, I'd been having them for a couple of days and I thought it was contractual muscles. I was doing Pilates and yoga. Active labour was only 2 hours."

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