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JEREMY Kyle's verbal lashings notoriously reduced some guests to tears – and exposed others for their evil wrongdoing.

Last year vile landlord Christopher Cox, who was snared by the ITV show for demanding female tenants had sex with him in return for a room, was jailed.

The 53-year-old became the first person in the UK to be prosecuted under new ‘sex for rent’ offences and was handed a 12-month sentence.

The creep, who appeared on The Kyle Files in 2018, posted adverts in Cranleigh, Surrey, looking for “a girl in need” but demanded sex and BDSM.

Despite being found out and confronted by Jeremy Kyle, he messaged another woman, who turned out to be a journalist, just a month later.

The Jeremy Kyle Show was taken off air in 2019 following the death of a guest, Steve Dymond, whose episode had not yet aired.


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A 2022 Channel 4 documentary alleged guests were "duped" and "exploited" by ITV staff to make their behaviour more extreme.

ITV issued a statement saying it did "not accept the central allegation of the programme", while Jeremy, who fronted the show for 14 years, has called in lawyers over the "false and damaging" allegations made against him.

The Jeremy Kyle Show was renowned for placing guests in confrontational situations while trying to resolve personal problems, and tempers often flared.

But since appearing on the talk show, some guests have managed to turn their once-messy lives around. Here we recap some of the most inspiring and touching stories.

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'I nearly ate myself to death'

Jonathan Kingston managed to shed seven stone

Jonathan Kingston said The Jeremy Kyle Show “saved his life” because it helped him shed seven stone.

In 2017, the unemployed father-of-one, from Devon, was dragged on TV by mum Sue, who feared her 30 stone son would die.

Jonathan's junk food addiction saw him binge on takeaways every day and eat Pot Noodles and meatballs for breakfast. 

After being faced with the reality of his situation on the show, he signed up for a 12-week military-style bootcamp – and has since kept the weight off.

Last year Jonathan told The Sun: “If I hadn't gone on the Jeremy Kyle Show I'd probably have been dead within a few months because of my weight – it was a lifeline.”

He can now play football and do martial arts with his son and holds down a full-time job as a supermarket checkout assistant. 

'£200k drugs habit saw me chop off finger'

Drug addict Paul was warned “you will end up dead” by Jeremy Kyle when he appeared on the ITV show in 2015.

He spent more than £200,000 on cocaine over his lifetime and even chopped off his little finger as a cry for help to stop himself from using.

Paul’s mum Irene took him on the show, claiming his addiction “destroyed her life” because he stole from her and her work.

She was fired and had to declare bankruptcy after he ran up £20,000 on credit cards, and admitted she was terrified to answer her own door in case bailiffs were there. 

After Paul accepted a 12-week rehab stint, Irene broke down in tears and said: “Thank you so much. It means the world to me.”

'I got £10k gnashers after love triangle'

Gemma Swift, from Crawley, hoped to end squabbles over a love triangle when she appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show in 2015.

She asked for help after being harassed by her boyfriend's ex.

Following the show, Gemma was bombarded with cruel taunts about her misshapen front teeth, which had been damaged in an accident when she was six.

She claimed trolls' comments made her want to “cry her eyes out” and to constantly “break down”.

As a result, the show paid £10,000 for dental work that left her with perfect pearly-white gnashers.

When she unveiled them in a later episode, she said: “It’s changed my life. I can look in the mirror now and not worry about anything. I’m a whole different person now.”

'Sex work funded £120-a-day heroin addiction'

For two decades, Michelle Wallace spent more than £120 a day feeding her heroin addiction through sex work.

In 2019 she was brought on The Jeremy Kyle Show by sister April, who branded her a “thief” and banned her from attending their grandfather’s funeral.

The team put her in a 10-week rehab programme – and on the one year anniversary of appearing on TV, she returned.

Michelle’s face was no longer grey and emaciated – she appeared fresh-faced, healthy and with a natural glow, having turned her life around. 

She said: “I'm doing great. I love waking up every morning. I've got something to wake up for.”

In December Michelle celebrated being three years sober from drugs.

'I met birth mum after rejection fear'

Calum Lucas was “really nervous” before meeting his half-brother Kane for the first time on The Jeremy Kyle Show in 2018.

He was adopted at 18 months old, before his sibling was born, and managed to find his biological family through Facebook.  

Calum feared them not getting on and also worried Kane wouldn't accept him being gay and a drag queen. 

After the show they were given £45 by ITV to spend on a meal together – and three months later, there was another surprise: Calum met his birth mother.

He said without support on TV and from the aftercare team, he doubted he would “actually have done that”. 

In 2019, he told Metro that they had stayed in touch and met up multiple times. 

'I could only function with drugs'

Lukas appeared dangerously thin, with scabs on his face and his complexion a concerning grey colour when we first met Jeremy Kyle.

The heroin addict begged the TV host for help after admitting he “needed drugs to function” and said they “took over” his life. 

He was brought onto the show by his girlfriend Charlie, who issued him with an ultimatum – stop using, or she would walk away with their unborn child.

After the show, Lukas was sent for a six-week recovery programme at the Providence Project in Bournemouth. 

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