Jessie branded ‘a liar’ by Love Island fans, claiming she’s ‘using’ farmer Will after spotting clue | The Sun

LOVE ISLAND fans have claimed Australian bombshell Jessie Wynter is "using" Will Young to stay in the villa after spotting a clue.

Viewers watched through their fingers as she made a play for the popular lad who has so far struggled to find love in South Africa.

Things were looking up for the 23-year-old farmer and TikTok star after Jessie, 26, chose to take him on a date.

After asking Jessie whether he was her type, she told him: "Yes, your personality is just spot on."

Following the date Jessie took to the beach hut to share her excitement over Will, saying: "I could have honestly sat there and just spoken to him all day."

But fans claimed she wasn't being honest about her feelings for another villa lad.


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Hunky Tom Clare had also enjoyed a picnic date with the beauty during which she fed him strawberries – and people at home said they saw sparks fly.

They said she was clearly more into Tom but knows that Will is more popular.

One typed out her cheesy chat up line on Twitt and penned: "'Should we try a little strawberry then, you can nibble it like one of my animals?' 😭 what kind of line is that".

"Jessie is playing a game, we seen this before, she was def more into Tom on the date, she's just picking the safe option," another tweeted.

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Love Island fans all say same thing about Will's date with Jessie

One more claimed: "Jessie totally eye f*****g Tom the whole date, just to lie her a** off claiming she is attracted to Will 🤣"

And a third said: "lol why do I feel like producers are gonna force Jessie on Will. Because on the dates it def seemed like she was more into Tom."

It comes as fans were given the power to vote for their favourite villa boy and girl last night.

Following Monday's episode, viewers were given the chance to back their favourites and save them from getting the chop as the two with the fewest votes are set to be dumped from the villa.

Love Island continues weekdays at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

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