Justin to take shocking revenge after violent attack from Daniel in Corrie

Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) unleashed the dark side to him during tonight’s Coronation Street as he attacked Justin (Andrew Still), Daisy Midgeley’s (Charlotte Jordan) stalker.

Justin has been making Daisy’s life a misery ever since they met in the hospital a few months ago.

He is convinced that Daisy isn’t happy in her relationship with Daniel and that they are meant to be together and is attempting to show her that by sending her countless messages, gifts, and turning up to her home at every given opportunity.

Tonight, he did the same thing.

Annoyed that Justin’s actions destroyed her chance of securing a free wedding dress for the big day, Daisy headed back to Number 1 after an argument with Daniel.

Alone and in tears, Daisy heard a knock at the door and checked her phone – it was Justin, again.

Keeping quiet, Daisy waited until Justin left the camera on her app.

Convinced he was gone, Daisy broke down again, only to realise Justin hadn’t disappeared – he had entered through the back door.

All that was left to do was hold her own, hoping and praying someone would soon walk into the house and get Justin to leave.

Fortunately, Daniel arrived and threw Justin out, admitting he had no idea he would do something like this.

That evening, Daniel and Peter (Chris Gascoyne) were spending time at the pub and, after grabbing some chips from the kebab, they spotted Justin.

Angry and triggered by a comment about Daisy getting cancer, Daniel saw red and started attacking Justin.

Pulled away by Peter, it’s very clear Daniel is now understanding the true severity of what’s going on – but will we see his violent side once more?

While we don’t know the answer to that just yet, one thing we do know is that this moment is set to certainly increase Justin’s anger even more, as Rob Mallard teased what’s ahead:

‘There is something quite unassuming about Justin, the things that he says and the way that he explains the reasons that he does things are actually quite simple. It’s not complex – he wants Daisy, he wants to be with Daisy and he wants Daisy to leave Daniel.

‘For Daniel, he doesn’t think that Justin is hiding anything as he is very upfront about what he wants but what Daniel has underestimated is what lengths Justin will go to to get what he wants.

‘It’s nice to see characters like Daniel doing things that aren’t necessarily wholesome all the time and I like the mixture of both sides of him because I think you need a bit of both’, Rob added.

‘I think the viewers will think, “Well, it’s about time that you did something! You should have done that weeks ago!”’.

Reflecting on what it was like to film those scenes, Rob told us:

‘It was good fun, I’ve not had the chance to do anything like that for a while so it was nice to do something physical. We had a fight arranger and a great director and it was shot on the street at night and I always think the street, the cobbles and the show looks it’s best at night… especially if it’s a little bit rainy! We all had a great time shooting it, those scenes are always fun.’

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