Kerry Katona fears she's turning into a balloon after throat and legs swell up | The Sun

KERRY Katona has been left terrified by an unknown health condition, which has left her looking like ‘balloon’.

The 42-year-old revealed her fear after a panic attack last night, saying her body started to swell all over and she is concerned about what it could mean.

Speaking on Instagram today, a worried Kerry told her fans:  “I had a panic attack last night.

"This year my leg started swelling, my stomach is swollen and last night I was lying in bed and it was like it was going to my chest and my throat.

"And now as I am talking my face feels swollen, my lips feel swollen, my arms are swelling.

“If you see a balloon shaped Kerry Katona bobbing over your house, please shoot it down.”

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Reassuring her fans, Kerry continued: “I am going to have a zoom with doctors today and find out what is actually going on because I am getting a bit worried. I am like an oompa loompa.

“It comes from my chest and I feel like I can’t breathe, it’s like I need my stomach to be ripped open and have all this air or whatever is inside me come out.”

The mum-of-five’s concerns come shortly after she headed to Turkey for new teeth.

Kerry filmed the whole trip as she was joined by her sister, brother in law, her daughter Lily, and her fiancé.

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In a clip, Kerry was seen looking very emotional as she told the camera: "I feel like stupid because I get dead scared, I'm literally going to cry."

She also recently revealed she has two belly buttons after a "secret tummy tuck" she had last year.

“I had a secret tummy tuck last year. I should never have had it done, and they cut my belly button off,” she revealed.

Pulling up her top, Kerry said: "That's the old belly button, that shouldn’t be there like that.”

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